Day 264: Directing Power

Once you’ve raised up a glut of power, you do need to recognize it’s not going to automatically go where you want it to go.  It might fly to some other purpose or just linger about and dissipate.  If you’re doing a magical working, you definitely need to be able to direct any raised energy to your desired end.  A lot of this direction is accomplished through honed visualization skills.

One of the most classic visualizations is known as the “cone of power.”  This technique involves visualizing the energy while you are in the process of raising it.  As you dance, chant, or breathe, you visualize energy gathering and swirling deosil around the circle, eventually swirling over top itself in a vortex rather like an inverted tornado.  You continue to collect power until you can visualize a strong, sturdy cone, then you release your hold on the energy and visualize it leaving the circle to manifest your outcome, or you visualize it entering the materials used to create your spell.

There’s no real guideline for ‘calling the drop’, or taking that cone of power and directing it to where you want it to go.  That depends on your psychic sensing.  Optimally, you would call the drop at the climax of your energy buildup.  In other words, you need to not when you feel the energy reaching its highest point of tension.

Practice:  Cone of Power

Collect together your usual circle casting tools and cast a circle.  Select one of the power-raising methods you have learned over the past several days (dancing, breath control, or chanting) and use it to generate magical energy.  As you build this energy, visualize a cone of power forming within your circle.  Hold your athame in your stronger hand while you build energy.  In the moment you sense the highest point of magical tension, physically drop to the floor and point your athame toward the sky.  Visualize the cone of power leaving the circle and dissipating in space.

Often when I’ve raised a cone of power either myself or in group, I basically just cease whatever physical motions I’m doing, stand straight, and throw my arms up into the air and feel a great release out from my chest and up into the sky.  Physically dropping to the ground and raising my athame was an interesting change.  In some respects it felt less potent.  Less of me seemed to be projecting up and out.  In other respects, it might have been more potent.  That sudden drop helped me make myself a conduit between the ground below me and the sky above, and I felt like I was drawing up not only the energy I had raised, but energy from the earth as well.  The athame also seemed to help me focus the energy a bit better, too.  Instead of shining a spotlight onto my focus, I felt like I was shooting a laser.


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