Day 263: Raising Power, Chanting

Chanting, like trance dancing, is something that helps your mind bypass the level of consciousness that is always analyzing everything and sends it straight to an experiential level.  As Roderick notes, magical chanting usually involves rhythmic repetition of phrases and couplets that have a metered beat to them, or even a rhyme.  These sound effects help release your mind from the thought “oh God, what comes next?!” since your mind will naturally reach for the next set in the pattern without much conscious involvement from you.  It also sets your consciousness more on the pace and pitch of the chant, and you will change the energy buildup as you modify these things.


Begin today’s practice by choosing one of the chants provided below.  Take time to commit the chant to memory.  As you recite the chant, visualize energy building up as you gradually increase the chanting intensity and speed.  Once you have sensed the buildup of energy inside you, stop your chanting and lie with your back to the floor.  Then imagine that the energy you’ve build up projects out of you, downward into the ground, where it is neutralized.

When you are finished practicing this technique, be sure to ground and center yourself by pressing the palmss of your hands, your knees, and your forehead to the ground for a few moments.

A handful of chants from Roderick

A handful of chants from Roderick.  I substituted Hartwood Grove’s version of the Witches’ Rune for what he had, and I added a BTW version of the Ekos, since I do not work with angelic forces much and don’t care to call them to my practice.

I generally prefer to sing my chants instead of verbally reciting them.  For some reason, I feel like I’m back in 8th grade English when I recite verse, and I pay too much conscious attention to what I’m doing.  Singing is more of an automatic reflex for me, and I enjoy it more.  If this is similar to your experience, then I can recommend this version of the Witches’ Rune that I learned from my High Priestess (It’s her singing in the recording).  I also really enjoy a recording done by Spiral Rhythm which combines the BTW Ekos with a stylized recitation of the Rune and some lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  And, of course, one of my favorite tunes for the Goddess/God chant comes straight from Inkubus Sukkubus (Their “Wytches Chant ’98”).

I performed this exercise today using the Witches’ Rune chant, since it is engraved in my mind since it’s essentially our energy-raising go to in Hartwood Grove.  It’s been my experience generally and today that chanting is most effective when you have your words and tune down cold.  Energy gets disrupted when you mentally falter and have to search for the next line.  I’ve also found that a gradual increase of volume and speed is pretty important for helping to build energy.  I know that if I just keep everything stead, I can chant for hours and not really feel energy build to any extent.  Similarly, I’ve also found that incorporating physical motion helps.  In Hartwood Grove, we generally clasp our hands together in the center of our space and walk deosil, gradually increasing our pace.  Sometimes by the time we get to the climax, we’re practically breathless and straining to hold the accumulated energy until we can drop it.  These experiences held true today.  Staying still and steadily singing the Witches’ Rune, I went through the song four or five times without really noticing an energy accumulation.  A little tempo and volume added, and I was feeling it much more effectively.

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