Day 261: Raising Power, Trance Dance

Now we’re getting into my favorite part of magic:  raising energy.  To me, this is where the magic really happens.  You can have 500 symbols working in a spell, but if you don’t actually charge the battery, so to speak, you can’t expect you magic to actually run.

Raising power doesn’t mean tapping into some demonic undercurrent to zap your spell.  It’s really just harnessing natural energy by doing something active while visualizing your energy raising up and concentrating within the circle until you gather it all up and push it into your spell.

There’s lots of methods to raising power.  Some might seem a little dangerous.  One I’ve always been a little suspect of is using psychoactive substances–drugs, alcohol, ‘flying ointments’ and even some incenses.  I’ll not deny that I’ve felt I’ve raised awesome energy after downing a few shots and dancing my heart out, but I’ve never done so in a circle.  I’ve also never tried bondage–that is, binding yourself (or, more safely, having yourself bound by another) in such a way that your bloodflow is externally controlled.  I’ve also never tried Gerald Gardner’s favorite:  flagellation.  I’ve also never engaged in the Great Rite or projected my astral body in trance.  I have, however, used meditation/guided imagery, breath control, chants/poetry/invocations, rhythm (dancing/drumming), and music.  I think there’s also a fine argument that performing a creative act while in circle–painting or drawing a picture, sculpting a figure, knitting a few rows of a ‘ritual afghan’, or something similar–would also raise great energy if done with that purpose in mind.

Today  and over the next couple days, Roderick has us focusing on Trance Dance, Huna breath control, and chanting in order to raise energy, and then he has us spend a few days practicing directing that raised energy.  Today’s focus is on Trance Dance.  I find ritual dance easiest when I’ve got heavily percussive instruments with no vocals.  I have, therefore, provided a recording of a drum circle for use in this practice:

Warning:  It is extremely important that you avoid trance dancing if you have heart ailments, high blood pressure, or other restrictive bodily disorders that might result in physical injury.  If you are not certain of your condition, consult your physician before engaging in trance dance.

What You’ll Need:

  • Loose clothing
  • Percussive music (preferably with no vocals) or
  • Someone to play a percussive instrument while you dance.

To begin, take time to stretch your body and limber up.  When you are sufficiently warmed up, stand in the center of an open space.  Be sure that the floor is clear of furniture and objects over which you might trip.

Turn on some percussive music, or have a friend begin drumming for you with a steady beat.  As you stand in the center of your space, begin by listening to the drumbeat.  Close your eyes.  Without editing your movements, allow your body parts to move to the sound of the percussion.  Begin by allowing your feet to express the essence of the percussive beat.  Move only your feet.  Then move up to your knees and move only them.  Isolate each of these body parts, allowing each one to move as it will in response to the drum beat.  Move up to hips/thighs, then stomach, torso, arms, hands, and head.

After isolated body parts have moved to the beat, begin to combine the parts.  To do this, try keeping your eyes half open–just enough so that you can see your environment to prevent injury.  Begin by moving your feet.  Then add your knees, your thighs, hips, stomach, torso, arms, hands, and head.  When complete, you should be moving freely and wildly to the drumbeat.  Continue with this dancing until you sense the energy levels within your body beginning to increase.  Some practitioners say that they see lights or feel heat when they are ready to harness magical power.  Once you feel you are ready, imagine that you gather power with your hands from the air around you.  Actually scoop the air around you, imagining that you form large balls of energy.  When you feel you have created an energy ball, place it physically within your chest.  Continue the process until you sense that you have gathered enough energy for your spell.

After you have gathered enough energy, drop yourself physically to the floor.  Lie on your back and feel the energy swirling around inside of you.  After you have sensed this energy, allow it to flow into the ground beneath you.  Close your eyes and imagine the energy melting away from your body, into the ground where it is neutralized.  To further ground this energy, turn over so that your stomach is on the floor.  Now curl up into a ball, pressing the palms of your hands, your knees, and your forehead, all to the floor until you feel that you are returning to your normal sense awareness.

Trance dancing is AWESOME for building up a potent amount of beta state energy.  I am, however, immensely glad that I was able to do this exercise alone in my bedroom.  I am no graceful gazelle, and I’m fairly certain that I would have looked demented or possessed if anyone had seen my performance.  It was, however, wonderful to get lost in the drumbeat and let my body move however it wanted to move and to let my brain just shut off and revel in the experience of the movement and the energy that rose.

I think I’m going to try to practice a little trance dancing every day for a week or so and see how that goes.  I do love to dance, and maybe if I do more of it I’ll improve my mind-body-soul connection.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll take up Zumba and really get the energy channels pumping.


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