My New “Ritual Ready” Tote Bag

Now that Hartwood Grove is starting to come off hiatus, I’ve quickly learned that I need to keep a ritual bag packed.  Before when I lived in Eugene, I kept a tote bag packed with the stuff I would generally need for Grove meetings–such as our schedule, a notebook and pencil, and my ritual necklace–as well as special items I’d been asked to bring to the next one.  If that item was something I’d have to make or procure fresh on the day of the circle, I’d pin a note to the bag reminding me to pick it up.  All I’d need to do was add my athame to the bag and be off to circle.

We’ve had a few circles and events since Z. moved north, and I’ve forgotten important things for each one.  I need to pack a new bag, but my last tote bag was so beat up that I threw it away in my last move.  So it’s time to buy a new one.


My “Classy Mustache Antler Gentleman Canvas Tote Bag” from the Etsy seller SamsaraPrints

I settled on this bag expressly for circle use.  I think it’s hilarious, and it’s certainly the classiest ‘Cernunnos’ I’ve seen yet.  The bag was $15 with another $5 in shipping, so it wasn’t any more expensive than any other tote bag you might find in stores.  The Etsy seller SamsaraPrints has a wide variety of other screen prints from which to choose, and many of them have a quirky Victorian/Steampunk aesthetic.  Not many are explicitly (or even implicitly) Pagan, but I did strongly contemplate purchasing a bag with this image of a palmistry hand on it before selecting Classy Cernunnos.

It’s great having a home for all my circle-bound things again.  I don’t have to worry about losing whatever I am asked to bring to the next circle.  I can either just put it in the bag when I think of it, or pin a note to it to remind me to grab an item.  Organization is awesome!

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