Day 259: Magical Essential Oils

Below is Roderick’s listing of essential oils and his magical correspondences for them.  We use essential oils quite a bit in magic, but there’s no reason to spend several hundred dollars acquiring them.  I would highly suggest going to a reputable oil dealer online and comparing the prices for many different oils.  Take note of the cheapest, then look up their magical correspondences.  Chances are you’ll end up with a very comprehensive kit of at least 10-20 oils for under $100.

Some ideas for using these oils are choosing one that represents your goal and anointing yourself with it daily until the goal is obtained.  They can also be put in bathwater.  We can also put a few drops of the oil in water and sprinkle it about our homes (or put more drops with water it into a mister and use it as a room spray).  A very popular use is to mix some essential oils with a neutral carrier oil and use it to anoint candles for ritual or candle magic.  We can also mix oils into an herbal mixture, or use them to anoint a stone or talisman.  Many people use different oils to help open or clear their various chakra points.

Roderick's correspondences for essential oils

Roderick’s correspondences for essential oils

I did delete ‘apple’ from this list as there is truly no such thing as an apple essential oil.  There were a few others on this list that I thought I would also have to delete, but I did come across the oil dealer Victorie, Inc. They have a tremendous amount of oils you just cannot find anywhere else.  They’ve been able to find dealers, for example, that have extracted oils from honey and pomegranate, olive leaf and saffron.  They even have a rare oils section with things I thought I’d never see–clover, gardenia, honeysuckle, lilac, lily of the valley…it’s really very remarkable.  If these rare ones are too expensive (and boy, are they ever!), they also offer enflurage pomades and macerations.  If you want something to smell like the blooming flower, these pomades are really the better thing to purchase.


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