Gemstone: Pectolite and Larimar

I’m of the opinion that one should know more about the minerals and gemstones than what a simple buzzword list like Roderick’s offers, so I’m turning my mind back towards my reference posts of gemstones. I’ll be doing my best to weave a few each month into my magical work.

Pectolite from the Millington Quarry in New Jersey

Pectolite from the Millington Quarry in New Jersey

Metaphysics certainly plays favorites when it comes to popularizing crystals for energy work.  Everyone and their brother probably has at least one clear quartz stone, not to mention a handful of favorites like lapis lazuli, malachite, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and moonstone–not to mention any of a number of colored agates and jaspers.

I think everyone would be hard-pressed to find pectolite in a store that caters to the metaphysical crowd.  It doesn’t make a particularly attractive crystal or tumbled stone.  In fact, it’s just another white or gray hunk of volcanic rock crystals and you’d probably have to have a degree in geology to be able to differentiate it from a pile of similar looking crystals.

If you can find one, however, it can be a useful stone.  As Melody from Love is in the Earth notes, it can really help people gain a more objective view of themselves, and “assist one in recognizing the ‘chains’ which have been self- imposed, stimulating one to release the self-constrants in order to facilitate freedom from the bondage of the materialistic world.”  Consequently, “it assists in precision and forthrightness in activities, and stimulates the deeper understanding of being in this world.”  With increased objectivity comes an inability to allow yourself to ‘justify away’ your reasons for doing something wrong, so it helps you admit to being guilty when you are, in fact, guilty of a wrong.  The stone also “emits a love for the user that brings a sense of peace in truthfulness”, which certainly acts as a balm in confession.

The objectivity the stone brings and the truthfulness that results certainly has a bevy of positive results.  Salespeople, for instance, will see customers naturally gravitate toward them–for the customers will feel they can trust their salesperson.  It can also temper inflated egos and therefore minimize tendencies towards belligerence and overzealousness.

Tumbled larimar stones

Tumbled larimar stones

If pectolite’s energies seem appealing, but you can’t find any specimens, you may decide to search for larimar stones instead.  Larimar is a type of pectolite that is only found in one tiny area of the world:  a 1-square mile area of the Dominican Republic.  In fact, there’s only one major outcrop of the mineral, which is found in Los Chupaderos in a single mountainside.  Unlike pectolites in other areas of the world, larimar is an amazing aqua-blue color that results from a substitution of copper for calcium in the crystal matrix.

Because the stone is so beautiful and so rare, it is quite pricy.  Finding unpolished larimar is a rarity in the markets, as is finding any tumbled stones unless they are pale or have too many inclusions to be sold for use in jewelry.  If you can find a tumbled stone, you can expect to pay upwards of $25 for a penny-sized stone.  It is far easier, though more expensive, to find this special pectolite set into a piece of jewelry.  Larimar also requires some special attention since its color is photosensitive and can be faded by exposure to too much heat or light.

In addition to all the properties of regular pectolite, though, larimar brings a special twist to the energy.  It’s popularly known as “a stone for Earth healing” since its calming blues strengthen the pectolite’s already peaceful qualities and bring more clarity, healing, and love to the energetic party.  Beyond helping to see one’s self more objectively, adds a boost that helps to inspire and encourage one towards improvement on both the spiritual and physical planes.


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