Day 249: Wand Consecration

What You’ll Need:

  • Your usual circle casting tools and your wand
  • Air incense (or use frankincense or white copal)
  • Air oil (or one of the following oils:  bergamot, sage, star anise, or lemon verbena)
  • A deep bowl of earth

To begin, prepare a small altar at the easternmost point of your sacred space.  Cast your magic circle as usual, but this time use your newly consecrated athame to cast the circle.  Once the circle is cast, transfer your pentacle, incense burner, incense, fire candle, essential oil, and water, and salt bowls from the central main altar to the one you have prepared in the east.  Set the wand on your pentacle, kneel before the altar with your arms open to the sky, and say:

Lady and Lord, God and Goddess,
I bring before You this wand, ready to
Receive Your blessing, that it may ever
Be guided by Your hands–in the ways of nature.

Sprinkle water on the wand and say:

Consecrated are you with the element of water.

Take a small portion of salt in your hand and rub it onto the wand, saying:

Consecrated are you with the element of earth.

Place a small amount of air incense onto the hot coals of your censer.  Hold the wand over the smoke and say:

From air, air is made.  Consecrated are you with the element of air, your brother.

Hold the wand above the flame of the fire candle.  While it is there say:

Consecrated are you with the element of fire.

Finally hold the wand between the palms of your hands.  Close your eyes and imagine that the energies of your body, mind, and spirit channel through your hands and enter into the wand.  Rub the wand with air oil, then hold the tip of the athame blade to the wand and say:

Consecrated are you in the art magical.

Your wand is now consecrated.  Close your circle as usual.

Again, I have to echo what I noted upon consecrating my athame. I don’t particularly notice my wand being any more attuned to air than what it was before, but I definitely notice a stronger elemental energy as well as a stronger attunement with my own self.

Also the anointing air oil did a marvelous job ‘glamming up’ the wand.  The wood looks so vibrant now!  I guess I’d really let my poor tool get awfully thirsty.


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