Day 245: Contemplative Day, Sacred Balance

Today Roderick asks us to contemplate the question of “Where do you find sacred balance”, and he acknowledges that “looking for balance is not easy” and that “many of us search for it in our daily lives.”  But through the rest of his description, it becomes pretty clear that he’s just talking of general balance, and not of a sacred balance.  Maybe I’ve been working with the Gards for so long that “sacred balance” to me is the continual interplay between the God and the Goddess, and that interplay is constantly at work both around and within me.

General balance or “sacred balance”, I’m not too sure whether I find either.  If I’m to be honest, I must acknowledge the fact that I’m not a terribly balanced person.  I move from one intense focus to another and try to make up for excesses in one end with shortchanging another.  In grad school, for example, I would work intensely for two weeks on my final papers and do nothing but bathe and work on them.  Housework, exercise, socialization, spirituality…all would take a backseat.  Today, I have to completely finish my entire list of ‘today’s objectives’ before I can move on to do something like re-write my resumé.  I think a balanced person would be able to do a little work on one thing, then do a little work on something else–basically juggle a lot more balls with a lot more care.  Maybe a spiritual balance is sort of the same.  Instead of acting like a monk for one day and rushing around with mundane concerns for the other six, maybe a gentle integration of sacred and mundane is more the goal?

Meditative Question:  Where do you find sacred balance?
Candle: Blue-Green
Direction:  Northwest

To begin, find a comfortable meditative sitting position in a quiet space while facing the northwest.  Light a blue-green candle and sit approximately two feet away from the flame.  Next, cast your gaze upon the flickering candle and hold the question firmly for 20-30 minutes.

You may not arrive at a magically satisfactory conclusion in one sitting alone, so to manifest a greater depth of answer, it will be important to see this question as it actualizes in each of your activities.  Become one with it in each of your tasks.  Allow your body, mind, and spirit to become this question as you eat, sleep, work, and play.  Over time, a shift in your perception will take place and you will realize your own answer.

I meditated on this question for quite some time before my answer came to me:  discipline.  The times in my life where I’ve felt a sacred balance most keenly was when I built the most disciplined structures into it.  I would go to bed early–10 to 11–and wake up at 6:30.  I had strict routines that I’d follow in the morning and the evening.  I had my days efficiently scheduled, and a time to accomplish everything I needed to accomplish.  I was able to have time to meditate and exercise, time to cook and clean my home, and time to work on my projects and socialize with my friends.  My stress was low, and my love of life was high.

I’ve been out of work for over a year now, and because I have no real schedule obligations, my life’s drifted into binges of excess.  My body is screaming, my mind is screaming, and my spirit is screaming.  Maybe I need to dust off my daily routines again?


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