Day 244: Casting the Circle, Putting It All Together

Today we finally put all the parts of casting the circle together, conducting the cakes and wine ritual, and then banishing the circle.  I feel like we should take a bow.  Two thirds of the way into our Year and a Day and we finally get to work in a magic circle!

The instructions Roderick gives take up about four pages in his book, so I’ve typed them out and saved them in a .pdf file, which you can download here.

These days, I typically just continue to wear my street clothes for magical work, but a funny little freak seized hold of me and I found myself stripping off to do this ritual skyclad.  I’m always shocked at how much better this feels.  I guess my clothing is getting a bit tight in recent months, but I really noticed how restricted I was feeling after I stripped off.

I found the act of fully casting the circle and then just sitting and feeling the energies to be really illuminating.  I realized I did learn a good bit from breaking the act down step by step and practicing each before putting it together.  I also found I enjoyed the basic script (though I did sub in some language I’ve memorized from Hartwood Grove).  Before, my own circle callings were a lot more spontaneous, and I think I was putting more effort into the act than the action, if that make sense.  Freed from coming up with something awesome on the spot, I could pay a lot more attention to my energy flows…and I found the final product to be really satisfactory.

After I called the God and the Goddess and sat down, I realized I have a mad case of achy bones.  My spine, hips, shoulders, and knees positively hurt!  So I made a mental note to start exercising again, and I treated myself to a little ‘sacred yoga’ while in circle.

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