Day 241: Calling the Quarters, North

Invoking and Banishing Pentacles for Earth

Invoking and Banishing Pentacles for Earth

As with the previous exercise, we need to set up the altar in the same way we have been doing. We need to consecrate the elements and ourselves, and light the quarter candles while calling the Ekos (my addition to Roderick’s exercise). Then we cast the first, second, and third layers of the circle.  Finally, we draw the invoking pentagram for air in the east and seal the eastern quarter, then draw the invoking pentagram for fire in the south before turning to the west.  There we draw the invoking pentagram for water and finally turn to the North

At this point, we face the outer perimeter of the circle to begin calling the Northern Quarter. We begin by drawing the Invoking Earth pentagram in the air. To do this, Roderick advises:

Use your dominant hand outstretched in the natural athame position and start at the top point and draw your hand (or consecrated athame) down and to the left to the leftmost bottom point. Proceed with drawing the rest of the pentagram. As you draw it, imagine that you leave a trail of bright green energy suspended in midair. As you draw the pentagram, say:

I summon, stir, and call thee up
Mighty Ones of the North, Powers of Earth,
To witness my (our) rites and to seal this circle!

Sense the elemental energies you have summoned. Imagine them sealing the northern quarter of your magical space. After you have sensed how this feels, banish the elemental forces of earth. Again, face the north but draw the Banishing Earth pentagram. As you banish, imagine the green aura fading away. As you banish the northern powers, say:

Hail ye mighty ones of the North,
We thank thee for attending.
Before ye depart for your lovely realms,
We say hail and farewell!

Kiss your index and middle fingers (or your consecrated athame blade) and point once again toward the north. Move to the west and draw the banishing pentagram for water and imagine the blue aura fade away there before turning to the south, drawing the banishing pentagram for fire, and imagining the red aura disappearing.  Turn to the east, draw the banishing pentagram for air, and imagine the golden aura fade away.  Finally, proceed with the steps to banish the circle as practiced on day 237.

Again, the really important thing is to really sense the elemental energies you’ve summoned, and how they change and ‘seal’ the magical space you’ve created.  When you dismiss them, do your best to feel that energy disperse.


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