My First Encounter with Olympia’s CUUPs

The public-access artesian well in downtown Olympia

The public-access artesian well in downtown Olympia

I’ve been missing pagan fellowship ever since I moved to Olympia.  Sure, my housemates are pagans…but we don’t practice together (and, frankly, I’m not really certain they practice at all).  When I first moved here, I tried to find some sort of coven or study group to join, but there doesn’t appear to be too many organized groups in the area even though it is very pagan-friendly.  Last week, though, I mentioned this to a friendly person at the local food co-op and she suggested I check out OlyCUUPs, the local chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.  At the very least, the have set meetings and a solid location.

As luck happened to have it, the group was holding a well blessing today at the Artesian Well that’s located downtown.  It took a little schedule bending on my end, but I was able to be there in the cold at 3 pm on the dot.

Most of the people who showed up from OlyCUUPs were middle aged women, though a young family did also join the group.  Ritual wise, things seemed pretty basic and quick:  it was a public outdoor ritual on a cold day, after all!  We basically sang (poorly) a song to cast the circle, and another chant or two about wells specifically.  Then the group leader performed her blessing on the well, and everyone in the circle went around sharing an experience about water and blessing the well in their turn.

It wasn’t a terribly moving experience for me, but I was excited to at least get to meet some like-minded people, and they were good enough to give me their 2013 schedule.  This Tuesday evening is the group’s Imbolc ritual.  I think I’ll go and see if this is something I can get down with.

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