Day 234: Elemental Consecrations, Air

If fire enlivens the earth, air encourages fire.  As Roderick says, the “Hermetics assert that air spiritually encourages the life spark of fire” so “in blessing air, you are symbolically fanning the flames, feeding the fires of life that you have invited into your magic circle.”

What You’ll Need:

  • Air incense or dried white sage or dried sandalwood powder
  • Air oil
  • Fire candle
  • Self-igniting charcoal

If you are using sage or sandalwood, blend it with a few drops of air oil.  Light your fire candle and use this flame to ignite the charcoal for your incense.  Once the coal is hot enough, sprinkle it with incense.  As the incense smolders, cup your hand around the smoke.  Inhale deeply and imagine that with each inhalation you draw in a yellow light of energy.  With each exhalation, you send that yellow energy into the smoke that fills your sacred space.  Once you visualize the incense is filled with the spiritual energy of air, say the following words:

I consecrate thee, O creature of air,
In the names of the Great Mother and the Horned Lord.

Bless yourself with air by gently fanning the smoke toward your body.  Draw the smoke first toward your forehead and then continue fanning downward along the vertical center line of your body, down to your genitals.  You may also hold the incense anywhere near a body part that could benefit from additional blessing by air.  While doing so, say:

I am consecrated with the element of air.

Imagine that a yellow radiance fills you.  If you want to bless someone within your circle, hold the incense toward his or her forehead and use your hand to fan it along the center line of their body, down to the genital area, saying:

I consecrate thee with the element of air.

Allow the incense to extinguish on its own.  Once it stops smoking, you can dispose of it in running water.  If you must dispose of it indoors, do not assume the charcoal is cool.  Scoop it out of the censer with a soup spoon and drop it into a toilet.

My incense to be consecrated.

My incense to be consecrated.

The room I’m currently inhabiting is so small that a little bit of incense on a charcoal briquet produces too much smoke at one time for the smoke detectors to handle, so I’m on mini-sticks for awhile.

After two really difficult rounds of consecrations, I was due for one that just clicked.  As more and more sandalwood filled the air, it became really easy to feel yellow air energy surrounding me and to circulate it about the room.  Better yet, my space feels almost sparkling clean now even though I’ve got a few bits of clutter on my desk and floor.

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