Day 233: Elemental Consecrations, Fire

Next up in the consecration list is Fire, for “in hermetic mysticism, the element of earth needs the life spark of fire in order to move it into action.  Fire is energy (both physical and spiritual), without which the earth would be cold, barren, and immobile.  Keep in mind that as you bless fire, you are symbolically enlivening the solid earth energies of your circle.”

What You’ll Need:

  • A 5-6 inch red candle (when used in a ritual context and placed on your altar, this object is known as the fire candle)
  • An appropriate candle holder
  • Fire oil

Anoint the candle shaft with fire oil, light it, and set it firmly in a holder.  Carefully cup the flame with your hands (without burning yourself or catching your sleeve in the flame), holding them about 3-5 inches from the fire.  Focus on your breathing.  Imagine you draw in a red light of energy with each inhalation.  With each exhalation, you send that red energy into the fire.  Once you visualize the flame filled with this energy, say the following words:

I consecrate thee, O creature of fire,
In the names of the Great Mother and the Horned Lord.

Next, bless yourself with fire by holding the candle’s flame 3-5 inches away from your forehead.  Pass it vertically down along the center line of your body–all the way down to your genitals.  For additional blessing of specific body areas, you may also hold the candle flame 3-5 inches near the body part that could benefit from the fire energy.  While doing so, say:

I am consecrated with the element of fire.

Imagine that a red radiance fills you.  If you want to bless someone within your circle, hold the candle 3-5 inches away from his or her forehead and pass it vertically down along the center line of their body saying:

I consecrate thee with the element of fire.

Extinguish the candle flame with your fingertips and set it aside for tomorrow’s practice.  We do not blow out the candle for some magical practitioners believe that doing so is pitting one element against another.  Pinching off the flame denies the flame oxygen, which is different from using one element to finish off another.

My candle to be consecrated.

My candle to be consecrated.

This consecration was also not as easy as water.  I tried to focus on fire energy as enlivening earth energy, but found it a little hard.  My room was very cold and the flame just felt so wonderfully warm.  It was definitely more ‘cozy’ than ‘vital energy’.  Once I got a good fire energy feeling and started to move the red energy, I also encountered some difficulties.  I could physically feel the flame’s heat pushing against my palms, and my red energy seemed to be blocked, or sort of pushed back into my hands rather than flowing into the flame.

Eventually, though, things felt pretty charged…but a good inch of candle had been used up by that time!


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