Day 232: Elemental Consecrations, Earth

After water, we consecrate the other feminine element:  Earth.  Roderick notes that “earth is the first concretization of the chaotic matter of water” in hermetic lore and that “Hermetics say that when the etheric, chaotic matter of water becomes dense, it transforms into earth.”  So in blessing earth, “we symbolically solidify unformed energies into the form of the magic circle”.

What You’ll Need:

  • A small bowl
  • Salt

Fill the bottom of a small bowl with salt.  Any salt will suffice, though some prefer Kosher salt because it has an artful, aesthetic appeal and sprinkles readily without sticking to one’s hands.  Hold your hands over the bowl and focus on your breathing.  Imagine you draw in a green light of energy with each inhalation.  With each exhalation, you send that green energy into the salt.  Once you visualize the salt filled with this energy, say the following words:

I consecrate thee, O creature of earth,
In the names of the Great Mother and the Horned Lord.

Dab your forefinger and middle finger together into the salt.  Touch the salt to your root chakra center at the base of your spine.  Also sprinkle salt on the crown of your head, and then to any other body part that could benefit from blessing by earth.  While doing so, say:

I am consecrated with the element of earth.

Imagine that a green radiance fills you.  If you want to bless someone within your circle, dab some of your blessed salt onto his or her appropriate energy centers, saying:

I consecrate thee with the element of earth.

When you have completed this exercise, you must properly dispose of the consecrated salt.  Wiccan lore says that you should release it into some form of running water.  Again, city Witches call a sink or toilet “running water”, and so can you.

My salt to be consecrated.

My salt to be consecrated.

This consecration was actually really hard.  I tried to concentrate on condensing down the blue energy I’d polarized in water into a more solid earth, but it was really hard!  At the time I was trying to do this consecration, it was raining cats and dogs outside, and the earth energies I was feeling more was of the land around me gulping in the rainwater.  Eventually I was able to visualize earth energy as a pale green glow coming to me on inhales, and I did charge the salt…but I didn’t feel the vibrations as strongly as I did with the water.


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