Day 231: Elemental Consecrations, Water

After we’ve cleared a physical space and taken care of all the mundane details of circle preparation, the first magical thing we do is to consecrate the elements.  And while Air is typically called first when casting the circle, the first element we consecrate is Water.  Roderick says that this is because “water is an archetypal symbol of chaos” and “represents the unformed, the potential, and shifting, fluctuating nature of reality.”  Besides this, “many world myths express the theme of existence emerging from water.”  By acknowledging water’s energies and blessing them, we basically start pulling on the chaotic strands of all the energies floating about us and begin to bring them into order for the construction of and use in the circle.

What You’ll Need:

  • A small bowl
  • Water

Fill a bowl halfway with water.  Hold your hands over the water bowl and focus on your breathing.  Imagine you draw in a blue light of energy with each inhalation.  With each exhalation, you send that blue energy into the water.  Once you visualize the water filled with this energy, say the following words:

I consecrate thee, O creature of water,
In the names of the Great Mother and the Horned Lord.

Dab your forefinger and middle finger together into the water bowl and then touch water droplets to your heart (and to any other body part that could benefit from blessing by water).  While doing so, say:

I am consecrated with the element of water.

Imagine that you internally fill with a blue radiance.  If you want to bless someone within your circle, dab some of your blessed water onto his or her heart, saying:

I consecrate thee with the element of water.

When you have completed this exercise, you must properly dispose of the consecrated water.  Wiccan lore says that you should release it into some form of running water.  For those of us living in cities, this usually means a sink or toilet.  If you life in a rural area, dispose of the blessed water in a stream or river.  If you live near the ocean, dispose of the blessed water there.

My water to be consecrated.

My water to be consecrated.

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never put such purpose in consecrating my water before.  This time I really put a lot of visualization into pulling the inchoate energies around me into order, all polarized and shining blue.  I pulled that blue energy from my surroundings in my inhales and directed them through my hands and into the water on my exhales.

At first I felt a little silly, but it wasn’t very long before I actually felt energy building up between my hands and into the water.  By the time I said the consecration words, they felt redundant:  the water was as charged and consecrated as it could get.

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