Day 227: Pentacle, Magical Inscriptions

Pentacle with traditional Gardnerian symbols.

Pentacle with traditional Gardnerian symbols.

Today, Roderick asks us to paint our pentacles with the traditional markings seen on the left.  As with the athame, I do know what most of these symbols mean.  The point-down triangle represents the 1st degree of initiation within Wicca. The point-down pentagram on the right represents the 2nd degree, and the point-up triangle at the top, in conjunction with the central point-up pentagram, represents the 3rd degree.  On the bottom of the pentacle, the circle crowned with a half circle represents the Horned God, while the back-to-back crescents represent the Moon Goddess.  The S$ symbol at the bottom represents the kiss and the scourge, or the dichotomy of mercy and severity that exist in us all.

I did not do any of the other inscriptions, and I won’t be doing this one either.  I know that this inscription is very much a Gardnerian one.  I’m not even sure that any other British Traditional traditions use them.  Since I’m not an initiated Gardnerian yet, I definitely won’t be co-opting part of their tradition.  Here’s Roderick’s instructions, though.

To begin, inscribe the pentacle sigils lengthwise into two green candles and set them on either side of you and light them.  Then light some earth incense.  Anoint yourself at the base chakra with earth oil, then begin the inscription process.  You can either inscribe the pentacle by painting the sigils on its surface with black enamel paint, or with the magical infusion method.  As you inscribe the pentacle, focus on the feeling of your body weight, your center of gravity.  If you note that your mind wanders from the inscribing process, take three deep breaths, refocus your intent and continue inscribing.  When finished, extinguish the candles.

To magically infuse the pentacle, see if you can do so out-of-doors first, but if that is not possible, fill a large deep pan with potting soil.  Create a hole in the soil large enough to accommodate your pentacle.  Set it in the earth and bury it.  With a knife, draw a circle in the soil that girds the buried disk.  Carefully pinch some salt between your fingers and sprinkle it as you might create a sand painting to form the pentacle sigils within the earth circle. Set the two green inscribed candles on either side of the buried pentacle and chant “By the blessed thirteen moons, Sealed are ye by sacred runes!”  Keep the pentacle buried until the green candles on either side have burned down past the engraved sigils.

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