Yule Ornament Idea: Crocheted Snowflakes

An example of homemade crocheted snowflakes. There are so many patterns, it is hard to duplicate any one flake!

I feel a little guilty about offering up this idea for DIY Yule ornaments.  The fact of the matter is that when it comes to fiber arts, I’m a dedicated knitter.  Crochet makes absolutely zero sense to me, and I have no intentions of ever taking up the craft.  That being said, I really can’t get enough of crochet snowflake ornaments.  My mother had several on the Christmas trees of my childhood, so they remind me of her and of that great time, but they’re also jaw-droppingly beautiful.  I’ve seen entire trees decorated with nothing but lights and these snowflakes–no two the same!–and thought them the most beautiful trees I’d ever seen.  The white thread of the snowflakes stands out beautifully against evergreen branches, and when you’ve got a collection of a bunch of different sizes, they add a great sense of dimension to your tree and help unify your existing (and almost certainly eclectic if you’re anything like me) ornament collection.

A tiny tree decorate in only white crocheted ornaments. Sweetly pretty!

Since I have no intentions to begin crocheting anytime soon, I took the most devious way out of this project.  I asked my mom for some.  Darling mother then decided she didn’t feel inclined to make them either…so she bought me a lot on Ebay!

As it turns out, Ebay’s not a bad way to acquire these ornaments.  Crafters apparently make them all throughout the year and then unload them during the holiday season.  You can acquire several dozen for under $20.  Etsy, of course, also has numerous listings for different snowflakes and snowflake groups.

Another great tip from my mom, who is a nursing home nurse, is to call up the area nursing homes and ask if any of the residents would be interested in making any for a fee.  My mother says she often has many patients who crochet items just to keep their hands busy, and many would welcome the chance for a commission.

My mother also admitted that she didn’t make the ornaments that hung on my childhood trees.  Even though she took credit for it in my youth, she actually purchased them at a church gift sale.  Apparently these are a fairly popular bazaar item in many parts of the country, so it might be a nice idea to frequent one or two of those.

Wherever you get them, I’ve found that they store best after the holiday season when put into individual baggies against a piece of cardstock or cardboard.  This keeps them from getting crumpled or tangled up in each other.

If you do know how to crochet and are itching for patterns, there’s no need to go out and buy a book or anything.  The Internet is full of patterns.  I highly recommend those published by Snowcatcher on her Snowflake Mondays.

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