Day 224: Chalice, Personal Symbol of Power

Just as we did on days 215 and 220 with the wand and athame, today we will do a meditation to find our chalice’s personal power symbol.


Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Scan your body from head to toe and note wherever it is you hold tension.  As you note tension, breathe through that body part and release the tension.  Continue relaxing each body part until you feel wholly still and internally silent.

(Reader: pause for a moment.)

Once you are fully relaxed, close your eyes and imagine that you stand at the edge of a vast ocean at dusk.  Direct your attention to the waves as they crash and foam on the shore.  Take a deep breath, inhaling the salty sea spray.  Imagine that it is dusk and you stand at the seashore, facing west.  Imagine that you wade in up to your knees in the warm, inviting sea.  You carry the chalice with you and ritually submerge it into the brine, saying, “I summon thee, O symbol of power!”  Soon you will notice that the chalice glows with a bright blue aura.  Lift it from the water, examine it, and you will see your power symbol inscribed and glowing upon the cup.  Look at this symbol closely and remember it.

Once you have seen your power symbol, allow the vision of the ocean to fade.  Open your eyes when you are ready.  Record the symbol on a blank piece of paper and transfer this to the chalice, either painting it, engraving it, or magically infusing it.

When you have finished setting the personal power symbols on the chalice, set it in a place of visual prominence for the remainder of the day.  Before going to bed, wrap the chalice in a special cloth such as a blue silk, and store it until it is time for the chalice consecration.

My cup's personal symbol.  Very appropriate, no?

My cup’s personal symbol. Very appropriate, no?

I’m starting to get a little more confident with these exercises and went into this one fully expecting that the right symbol would appear.  Of course, it did.  I could see it on the chalice while it was still submerged in the ocean.  I’m also starting to realize that my deep subconscious or whatever is sending me these symbols has a definite aesthetic.  Like the wand and athame, I again have two curls, but this time they form a heart, the universal symbol of love.  In my opinion, this is the perfect symbol for a grail, the eternal fount of love that it is.

I tucked the paper I drew the symbol on into my chalice and passed it through some vanilla incense and above the flames of two anointed, blue candles I inscribed with the symbol.  As I did this, I envisioned the symbol being transferred to my chalice, and I left the chalice between the candles until they burnt out.


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