Day 223: Chalice, Magical Inscriptions

As with the wand and athame, today’s practice would have me inscribe these sigils upon my chalice:


Yeah.  Like the wand, I have no idea what these are supposed to mean, so I’m not doing it.  Here’s Roderick’s instructions, though:

To begin, inscribe the chalice sigils into two blue candles, set them on either side of you and light them.  Then light some water incense.  Anoint yourself at the heart chakra with water oil, then begin the inscription process.  You can either inscribe the chalice by painting the sigils on the surface with blue or black paint, by inscribing the sigils with glass etching fluid or an electric carving tool on metal, or by using the magical infusion method.  When you inscribe the chalice, allow your internal focus to settle on your heart energy center, your emotions, intuitions, and sensations.  If, during the inscribing process, you notice that your attention drifts from the task at hand, stop until you are able to refocus.  When finished, extinguish the candles.

To magically infuse the symbols, fill a large pot or cauldron with water and write the chalice symbols on a strip of aluminum foil.  Submerge the foil, holding it down with stones if necessary, then blace a few drops of water oil into the pot.  Submerge the chalice and chat “By the blessed thirteen moons, Sealed are ye by sacred runes!”  Keep the chalice submerged until the blue candles on either side have burned past the engraved sigils.


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