Day 221: The Chalice

It would take a symbolically illiterate person to miss the magical connection between the chalice and the element of water and the feminine.  It is a receptacle, an as such it is associated with receptivity and all that connects to:  intuition, flow, emotions, love, the womb, regeneration, rebirth.  In our Wiccan rituals, the chalice is used to contain the wine (or other drink) that we consecrate and consume during the cakes and wine closing, and it is also used in symbolically performing the Great Rite.

Roderick offers this practice to get us thinking about the difference between chalices and a general cup or vessel:

Each time you use any type of cup today, focus your awareness on what the cup symbolizes.  As you drink from the cup, imagine that you infuse your body with the chalice’s receptive, flowing energies.  To help you focus awareness, say this couplet whenever you drink:

Flowing, churning, waters divine,
To my lips like sacred wine.

I’ve become quite the little doubting Debbie over the past few months.  When I read this exercise, I rolled my eyes.  It really sounded very silly, and the rhyme is just…so flat.  But you know what?  With my first mug of tea today, I paused before I drank and thought of the chalice.  I even chanted the rhyme.  As I drank, I felt that little ripple of pleasure start at my crown and cascade down my spine and through my legs.  Kind of like that feeling you get with a good massage or makeout session or sharing a special moment with a crush–not orgasmic energy, but really, really, really good.

Yup.  Chalice energy.  Ain’t nothing like it.


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