Day 220: The Athame, Personal Symbol of Power

Just as we did on day 215 with the wand, today we’re doing a guided meditation to find a personal power symbol for our athame.


Close youre eyes and take several deep breaths.  Scan your body from head to toe and note wherever it is you seem to hold physical tension.  As you note tension, breathe through the body part and release the tension.  Continue relaxing each body part until you feel wholly still and internally silent.

(Reader:  pause for a moment.)

Once you are fully relaxed, imagine that you stand facing south before a small bonfire, while holding your athame.  The midday sun blazes down upon your shoulders as you stand close to the fire.  Warmth radiates from both the sun and the small fire before you.  Imagine now that you hold the athame over the fire and say: “I summon thee, O symbol of power!”  Release the athame to the fire and you will see it slowly descend into the flames.  Soon the fire takes on a bright red aura and the athame then rises from the fire.  You grasp the hilt of the knife only to find that it is cool to the touch.  Examine the blade and you will notice a power symbol engraved and glowing there.  Remember this glowing symbol for later.

Once you have seen your fiery symbol of power, allow the vision of the bonfire to fade and then open your eyes when you feel you are ready.  Record the symbol on a blank piece of paper and transfer this to the athame by either painting it, engraving it, or magically infusing it.

When you have finished setting the personal power symbols on the athame, set it in a place of visual prominence for the remainder of the day.  Before going to bed, wrap the athame in a special cloth, such as red silk, and store it until it is time for the athame consecration.

This is my athame's personal symbol.  I think of it as flames coming from a fire.

This is my athame’s personal symbol. I think of it as flames coming from a fire.

Like with the wand, I was pretty darn certain I wasn’t going to see any sort of symbol…but I did!  Right when I examined the blade, I saw this set of curls.  It’s kind of similar to what I saw with the wand, except one arm is longer than the other and they meet to form a V.  Overall, it reminds me a bit of flames jumping from a fire.

I wrapped the blade of my athame in the paper I drew the symbol on and passed it through some sandalwood incense and above the flames of two anointed, red candles I inscribed with the symbol.  As I did, I envision the symbol being transferred into my athame’s blade.


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