Day 211: Contemplative Day, The Power of Magic

Meditative Question:  What is the power that drives magic?
Symbolic Color:  Purple
Symbolic Direction:  Southwest

Contemplating the power that is behind magic is the same as becoming one with this mysterious source.  In our year’s training we have not yet discussed magic in depth.  Because of this, you might wonder how to contemplate magic without prior knowledge of the subject matter.  It is important to keep in mind that knowledge appeals only to the linear, unidirectional mind.  Magic (and contemplation) begins with letting go of what we know, getting into our bodies, becoming acquainted with our emotions, our physical energy patterns, and the world around us in an experiential way.  Academic knowledge of magic is as useful to a spiritual practice as is academic knowledge of the color red or of a symphony.  You can’t adequately explain these things in words; they are experiences that transcend verbal explanation.  Today’s contemplation should take you to the bottom of any assumptions, ideas, or information you have.

To begin, find a comfortable meditative sitting position in a quiet place while facing the southwest.  Light a purple candle and sit approximately two feet away from the flame.  Next cast your gaze upon the flickering candle and hold the question firmly for 20-30 minutes.

You may not arrive at a magically satisfactory conclusion in one sitting alone, so to manifest a greater depth of answer, it will be important to see this question as it actualizes in each of your activities.  Become one with it in each of your tasks.  Allow your body, mind, and spirit to become this question as you eat, sleep, work, and play.  Over time, a shift in your perception will take place and you will realize your own answer.

I think I’ve come up with a couple answers for “What is the power of magic.”  The first is a more cerebral answer:  directed change.  There’s that old Crowley definition of Magic being “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”.  We force magic to occur when we desire a change to come about.  The forces which then effect that change are all magic, so magic is essentially the process of desired change.

I think, though, that our desire to truly change something comes from love.  For example, people have a really hard time losing weight until love of self and body overcomes the love of stimulation.  Superficial desires–working a spell to ace a test when you didn’t put in the effort to study–rarely result in true magical workings.  Magic is a deep, mysterious force.  It’s got to come from something equally deep and mysterious.  What is more deep and mysterious than love?


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