Day 210: Wand Harvest Ceremony

Alas, I already have a wand and I have no desire to craft another one right now just for the sake of crafting a wand.  I’d probably never use it, since I like mine so much, and it would ultimately be a waste of energy and resources.  Were I to do today’s exercise, though, this is what it would be:

What You’ll Need

  • Air oil
  • Pruning shears or saw
  • Salt and water in separate bowls
  • 12 inch length of red ribbon
  • Dried white sage
  • A thurible
  • A bundle of hyssop or lavender or small tinkling bells

Go to the tree from which you will harvest your magic wand.  Select and appropriate branch to harvest. At the point that you intend to cut the branch, adorn the tree with a red ribbon. from this ribbon, you may tie bells or small bundles of healing herbs, such as hyssop or lavender.

Practice the earth and sky visualization that you learned yesterday. When you have finished the visualization, grasp the selected tree branch in both of your hands and say aloud:

Strong creature from before time of my own,
You without flesh, you without bone,
You without vein, you without blood,
You without head, but who opens to bud,
You who are as wide as the earth,
But who were never born,
Lend me now your magic,
From the Amalthean Horn!

Combine three scoops of salt into a bowl of water. Mix the elements together and then rub the salted water on the tree branch, saying:

I welcome the with water and earth.

Blow on the branch and then say:

I welcome thee with the air of my body.

Hold the branch between the palms of your hands and visualize energy leaving you and joining the limb. While you do this, say:

I welcome thee with the fire of life.

Rub the branch with a small amount of the air oil. Then, with your pruning shears or saw, cut the branch swiftly with one snip. If you are using a saw, cut the branch as quickly as you can from the limb of the tree. Place the harvested branch at the foot of the tree and stand before the cut limb and the tree. Light the white sage and walk the perimeter of the tree with the smoldering herb, saying three times:

The tops of the trees
Will sprout of late.
They’ll change and renew
From their withered state!

Rub a small amount of air oil on the spot where you removed the limb. Collect your new wand and take leave from the tree without looking back. Set your wand in a special place in your home for the remainder of the day.

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