Day 208: The Wand

An assortment of stylized wands

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but wands are incredibly easy tools to make.  They don’t have to be fancy, and you don’t have to dress them up with all manner of ‘toys.’  In fact, I don’t think it was until somewhere around 2005 that I ever had a wand that wasn’t just a length of plain tree branch.  I didn’t even whittle the bark off them.  Of course, wood doesn’t have to be the only tool used to make a wand.  Long quartz crystals are sometimes used (too ‘earthy’ for me), as have lengths of copper piping (too ‘earthy’ and ‘fiery’ for me), bone (ick), antlers (eh, not for this application), and feathers (okay, I’ve gotten on board the feather train, especially if the tradition sees wands as the air tool).

Wooden wands are usually the name of the game, though, and many Witches put careful thought into the type of wood that makes up their wand.  Roderick supplies the following table of wood properties:

  • ALDER:  Blending male/female principles, links to fairies, mysteries revealed, offerings to gods
  • APPLE (Venus, Water):  Divine female principle, flowing of the four elements, mystic visions
  • ASH (Sun, Fire):  Insight, divination, illumination, spiritual justice, equilibrium, balance
  • BIRCH:  Goddess energies, beginnings, change, transition, purification
  • CEDAR (Sun, Fire):  Rebirth, purity, consecration, longevity, success
  • HAZEL (Mercury, Air):  Knowledge, divination, control of the weather
  • HOLLY (Saturn, Earth):  The eternal principle, spiritual healing, happiness
  • JUNIPER (Saturn, Earth):  Fertility, protection, strength, spiritual rebirth, material growth
  • OAK (Sun, Fire):  Solar energy, divine male principle, horned god, strength, power
  • PINE (Mars, Air):  Compassion, magical protection, healing, movement, enlivenment
  • POPLAR (Moon, Water):  Moon mysteries, lunar energies, cycles, intuition, moon goddess
  • WILLOW:  Moon magic, underworld journeys, link to the gods

Of course, this is a pretty small list and not all of these trees will be found everywhere on the planet.  I think that the best wands com from the woods in your local area.  Then again, I’m of the sort that thinks its better to find something that feels right first, then worry about any special properties later.


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