Day 205: Elementals, Gnome Offerings

As with days 196, 199, and 202, today’s task is to visit the place revealed in yesterday’s guided meditation and make an offering to the gnomes to assure they become good magical partners.  Here is Roderick’s suggestion:

What You’ll Need

  • A cup of red wine (or a red fruit juice)
  • A piece of a baked good

When you first arrive at the place of the gnomes, sit on the ground and close your eyes.  Imagine the gnomes gathering, rising out from their underground dwellings and watching you.  Open your eyes and pour out a cup of wine.  Grasp the filled cup and baked good in your hands.  Hold your arms out, to shoulder level, offering the food to the spirits.  Cast your gaze to the ground (a respectful gesture), saying:

Gnomes of the earth, Lord Ghob,
Accept this offering of food and drink!
May the magic that I do be aided by your powers,
The powers of life that were, that are, and that shall be,
So Mote it Be!

Leave the baked good on the ground and pour the wine over it, saying:

From east to west, from south to north,
Ancient ones, I call thee forth!

Quickly gather your belongings and leave this enchanted spot. Return only when you wish to contemplate the gnomes or if you wish to invoke their magical energies for some purpose.

And as with the previous offerings, I modified this.  I decided to go to the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve, since I’d never been there and thought that the novelty might help with an active, walking meditation.  Let me tell you, that was an experience not to be missed.  It’s surreal wandering through this wide prairie full of these tiny hills–but hills as tall as you.  It’s a bit like walking through a hedge labyrinth since your view is constantly being cut by the necessary twists and turns in the path.  You are literally walking in the earth at the same time you are walking on it, and you can’t help by think of the awesome power of the ground.  What sort of immense forces it must have taken to shift the ground in these patterns, and how astoundingly biodiverse the terrain is.  Life of all sorts is teeming on and between the mounds–something evident even in October when the prairie plants tend to go dormant.  I realized again that even though the earth is the source of so much stability and sustenance, it is not static.  It can change, and life changes with it.

The view from atop an observation building at the Mima Mounds park. Each one of these mounds is easily a foot taller than myself. It’s a little like walking through a hobbit village.

After I walked for some time in the prairie, I stopped by a tree stump that was criss-crossed with a number of cracks.  I centered myself and poured an offering of salt water and coins into one of the cracks, then said a variation of the following words.  (Alas, I had left my ‘cheat sheet’ in the car!)

Gnomes of the earth, Lord Ghob, I summon you.
Accept this offering of salt and coin.
I give this in thanks of your aid in my past magic
and hope you will answer my call in future works.
Enjoy this offering, and depart!
So mote it be.

I felt very at peace after I performed the offering, and a little more solid in my own body, if that makes any sense.  I do think that the earth elementals were a little pleased at my experiences and offerings today, for look what awaited me in my back yard when I returned!  Of course, they did have to think that pile of dead weeds I pulled from the hillside was a comfortable mattress.

You occasionally see a deer in the early morning hours at the fringes of my neighborhood. Once this summer we did see one in the yard. But you never never see more than one and never in the middle of the day!


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