So I just pulled out ol’ Roderick and flipped to my bookmarked page:  Day 201.  In order to freshen up, I thought I’d revisit the blog archives and review Day 200.  At first, I thought the date on that post was a mistake.  November 11, 2011?  Aside from being the numerologically awesome date of 11-11-11…does that mean it’s been almost a year since I touched the Roderick project?!

Holy shitballs, Batman…I do believe that is so.

I’ve had a hell of a horrible year, but I hadn’t realized just how much of my life went on total and complete pause…and for so long.  Damn.  Well, baby steps.  First I’ll slide back into Roderick, then I’ll get a job, then I’ll freaking pass a Spanish test and apply for the masters (four years of my life went to the UO…I’ll be damned if I don’t get at least a piece of paper out of it), and then I’ll be a freaking grown up again.

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