366 has a new physical home!

Or is it a generation station, since I suppose the technical real home of Three Hundred and Sixty-Six is on a WordPress server farm?

At any rate, I’m getting a new computer.  I realize this is hardly earth-shattering news…but it sort of is to me.  It’s only my third computer since 2001.  I take care of my babies.  My first was a Toshiba Satellite laptop I bought in my senior year of high school.  As I recall, it was $1600 and had an enormous 10 GB hard drive.  It made it 4 months out of my college graduation before it died in 2006, and my father replaced it with my graduation present:  a 13-inch first generation MacBook.  I remember I upped the minimum numbers to 1 GB RAM, the 2 GHz dual-core processor, and a 120 GB ATA hard drive on the grounds that programs down the line would require more space and power.  I’m fairly sure the additions bumped the price of that computer to somewhere in the $1400 range.

These two computers alone got me through an entire decade. Not too shabby, I suppose.

My Macbook has done me proud.  In fact, she’s such a trooper and I do so little computer work outside Microsoft Office and the Internet that I could probably have kept using her for another year, easy.  However, this past March I did a very stupid thing.  I knocked over a glass of Coke near my computer.  Some of it ended up going under the machine and–as it turned out–a very little bit got into it through the vents.  Eventually it gummed up the fan.  I was able to extend the life of the fan by blowing out a ton of dust from the computer, but it eventually fried.  It cost me $30 to replace the fan, so I did so…but when the repair person got everything in place, the Coke residue on the motherboard shot out all my peripherals:  the keyboard, mouse, and webcam.  I got an external mouse and keyboard, and I’ve been using them to extend the life of the machine a little longer in the hopes that I’d get a job and could justify the purchase of a new computer.

Alas, my baby has succumbed to Random Shut-Off Syndrome.  Since the fan is still cooling the machine appropriately, this means that something else in the hardware is causing the software to register too-high temperatures, which results in the software immediately shutting off the machine.  As much as I hate to spend this much money without an income, it is time to bite the bullet.

The new baby: My MacBook Air

I’m staying Mac and keeping up my laptop trend with their latest MacBook Air.  Mine’s a 13-inch model.  I’ve bumped the RAM from 4 to 8 GB, but I’ve kept the base processor (1.8GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i5) and the storage (128 GB Flash).  I also added an external SuperDrive so I can continue to watch my DVDs.  All in all, I actually spent less than I’ve ever spent on a computer:  $1318.  I’m looking forward to enjoying its increased portability (it’s no fun lugging my old MacBook clear across Portland!), and zippier computing.  It’ll be delivered just before Samhain.  Now I just need to draft that protection ritual, and I’ll be back online and better than ever!


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