My DIY Mason Jar Tumbler Lid

Before I got side-tracked with Cuppow love, I had hinted that I’d come up with a DIY solution for turning a mason jar into a spill-proof container.  Here it is.

Yup. A reusable straw, a canning lid, and a rubber grommet. It’s just that easy.

No joke.  It really is just that simple.  I primarily use this straw lid when I want to drink smoothies, so I like a larger straw, but any size straw will work.  If you want to use regular disposable straws, you might want a smaller diameter hole and grommet.  Since the name of my game is plastic reduction, though, these are instructions for the more durable plastic straws.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 package of Aladdin Tumbler replacement straws.  Difficult to find online, but Target stores carry them.  Alternately, you can use any straw with a 3/8″ diameter.
  • 1 package of standard or wide mouth canning jar lids (I prefer wide mouth.  It’s easier to clean smoothie junk from them.)
  • 1 package of rubber grommets with an inside diameter of 3/8″.  These can easily be found in the electrical section of a hardware store, since their real purpose is to protect wires from sharp metal edges.
  • 1 step drill bit (unibit), capable of working up to 1/2″ in 1/8″ increments.  I recommend this one from Harbor Freight.  Home Depot will charge upwards of $20 for a similar bit.
  • A drill.
  • Small files/metal clippers to deburr the drilled hole.  Again, much more cost-effective at Harbor Freight.
  • At least 1 canning jar and 1 ring for drilling purposes.  More for drinking.  🙂

To Create the Lid:

  1. Read the grommet package to see what size hole you will need to drill in order to insert the grommet.  In most cases, this will be 1/2″.  However, depending on where you got the grommet and what it was intended for, you may need a bigger hole.
  2. Place a canning lid onto the jar, and screw it down with a ring.
  3. Insert the bit into the drill, aim the bit where you want the hole to be, and slowly drill.  Take your time.  Don’t apply much pressure at all.  The more pressure you apply, the more ragged your hole will be.  In fact, you might even tear through the lid and destroy it.  This is why you want the step bit:  a regular 1/2″ bit chews through lids.  Continue drilling until the 1/2″ step goes through the lid.  Stop the drill and remove the bit.
  4. File down any burrs left around the hole, or clip away large bits.
  5. Soak a grommet in hot water for a few minutes, then work it into the hole.
  6. Wash the lid in hot, soapy water, insert a straw, and you’re done!

Alternately, you can buy some lids like this through Etsy.  Several different people sell them, with or without straws and jars.  There’s also a fair bit of variety in the grommet style.  However, you should definitely be suspect of anything that looks like this:

Do not use lids with this kind of grommet without asking the manufacturer if they contain lead!

These lids are super cute, and I prefer them to the rubber grommet aesthetically.  However, these metal grommets are intended for fabric, and they’re often made of coated lead.  Some grommets that look like this are nickel-plated brass, though.  Before purchasing anything like this, contact the seller and ask what manufacturer they use for the grommets and if they can assert that they are lead-free.  If the grommets are lead, they sure shouldn’t be anywhere near your food and drink!

UPDATE:  The picture of the questionable lid above came from Etsy artist Kristen Brady at GSFOoL.  She’s contacted the manufacturer of her metal grommets, and they are all lead free!


2 thoughts on “My DIY Mason Jar Tumbler Lid

    • I’ve not developed any tumors or sprouted extra limbs since I’ve been using them. If you think about it, the gromment would really only come in contact very briefly with your drink if you tipped the tumbler over. The metal grommet style would probably be your best choice if you were very paranoid. For rubber, I know a lot of food preservationists use grommets made of Buna-N/Nitrile Rubber without any issue. I’ve linked to a set at Grainger below that should work. In case the link changes, they are Grainger item number 3MRJ9. If you have a Grainger’s in your city, they’ll ship for free to the store.

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