New Statuary Options for the Egyptian Pantheon

A replica Horus from Design Toscana

I seem to be on a bit of a statuary binge, so I thought I’d share another grouping that’s recently come to the Pagan Marketplace.

Devotees of the Egyptian pantheon have never really suffered for want of statuary.  Ever since the British occupation of Egypt in the late 19th century, many Westerners have decorated their homes with all manner of Egyptian artifacts and replicas.  These days, you can even go to a discount retailer like Ross, TJ Maxx/Home Goods, or Marshalls and find statuary of the more popular Egyptian deities.  Needless to say, the market is a bit glutted.

However, many of these Egyptian statues are at least semi-faithful replicas.  As such, they all share the frozen, posed aesthetic of the Horus replica pictured on the left.  These statues are almost like Barbie dolls:  standing at attention, facing forward with only the details of their dress to give a clue as to the ‘personality’ of the God.

This is all fine, of course.  I’m sure many of the Westerners who collect these figures as art or bookends are thrilled with the distinctive ‘Egyptian’ ethnic aesthetic, and I’m almost equally sure that the hardcore reconstructionists are perfectly satisfied with their art, too.  However, the eclectic movements are growing in a big way, as is the movement of creating new, contemporary representations of the Ancient Gods.  Clearly, there is some decent market potential for contemporary revisions of the Egyptian pantheon, too.

From left to right: Horus, Bastet, Anubis, Isis, Seth

The brand Pacific Gifts has recently released five new such contemporary/ancient sculptures.  Not knowing much about the Egyptian pantheon, I can’t speculate as to why they chose these five gods and goddesses, but I’m sure there’s some reason.  Their Horus, Bastet Feminine Divine, Proud Anubis, Goddess Isis, and Warrior Seth can all be currently found at the Pagan Marketplace institution of AzureGreen for roughly $45 apiece.  Each figure is also available in a much more attractive bronze finish elsewhere on the Internet in a range of prices.  They are even listed on Amazon for as little as $38 with free shipping.

A closeup of Warrior Seth’s face in the bronze finish

I am exceptionally impressed with the level of detail on each of these figures, especially when it comes to their faces.  No blank, vacant expressions here!  You can definitely get a strong sense of the figure’s personality just by looking at the art.  For example, Seth is the figure who murdered and mutilated his brother, Osiris.  Clearly, there’s something dark about his energy, and he’s been variously called the god of deserts, storms, foreigners, darkness, and chaos.  It’s a bit easy to see why when you see this sculpture!  The artist also did a wonderful job with Seth in particular, for–unlike Anubis who is most often portrayed as half human/half jackal–Seth’s animal nature is not aligned with one particular beast.  Rather, he’s an amalgam of aardvark, donkey, jackal, and fennec fox.  I think I can see bits of all of these in this Seth’s face!

I’m certainly glad to see some offering in this line, and I hope for more to come.


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