Since we’re on the topic of statuary…

Seeing as this “clear the queue” session of posts on my current tools ended up with a fairly extended series of posts on pagan statuary, I thought I’d round that bunch out by sharing another couple that have come into my collection.

Sometime last year around spring, my High Priestess Z. had a bit of a sort out of all her witchy things.  She had a few items that she though some of us in the community might be interested in, and this pair of statues was amongst them.  I kind of eyed them all through that meeting not realizing Z. was looking to pass them on.  I was wondering what she’d intended to do with them and rather assumed that at some point in the evening we’d be reconfiguring the main altar.  I don’t think I really wanted them, but somehow by the end of the evening they ended up coming home with me!

I later found out from Z. that these sculptures were not some sort of spring Lord and Lady as I’d assumed, but were intended to be fan art collectibles from the British TV series Robin of Sherwood which aired from 1984 to 1986.  I’d never heard of this show until that point, as I was born in 1983, but I later learned that lots of people in the community consider it a pagan classic.  These two statues are intended to represent Robin (Loxley) and Marian at their wedding.

Loxley and Marian, fan art sculptures from the TV series “Robin of Sherwood.” The artist is Leigh Ann De Lany.

Their artist, Leigh Ann De Lany, still makes these figures in addition to a Herne who presides over the marriage.  Through her business, Herne’s Child Wares, she also makes and sells several other ceramic items, including a Wiccan line of various goddesses, cauldrons and the like.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with these.  They’re not really my aesthetic, and I don’t really have loads of space to store or display them.  I can sort of see keeping them around and using them for an altar in my children’s room…but who knows if I’ll ever even have children?  Maybe I’m just supposed to hold onto them until they find the person they “click” with.


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