Things aren’t really going so well in my corner as of late, and this week that’s been compounded with me feeling absolutely crappy.  I’ve got no energy at all.  None.  My cold has completely wiped me out, which is REALLY annoying given that aside from extreme fatigue, it’s really just a bit of congestion (and feeling cold all the time–it’s got to be around 75° for me to be comfortable!).

On this front, I have actually been working at a few random posts and staring forlornly at my growing pile of reserved drafts as I wonder when I’ll get back the energy to tackle the Roderick project again.

So what I’ve decided to do is release some of my saved drafts, which are often me musing on the material side of our craft:  the tools and altar set-ups.  In a lot of these, I discuss my own materials and why I chose them, and in others I ramble on about Pagan shopping.  I never seem to actually post them because they don’t really seem relevant to the larger parts of this project…but maybe seeing them up will get my mojo flowing again.

So stay tuned for my Material Girl moments!

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