The massive Black Tartarian cherry tree in Eugene’s Owen Memorial Rose Garden

I just wanted to say that I did, in fact, get off my grumpy butt yesterday and did, in fact, find the river walk.  As I took my car and was desperately searching for parking, I ended up at Owen Rose Garden–a place I’d been trying to find for ages!  The garden, as I discovered, adjoins the river walk, so I had a fine time exploring both for an hour or so.

But the most amazing thing I saw was this Black Tartarian cherry tree planted in the rose garden.  This thing is massive.  If you blow up the picture, you’ll see someone walking on the path just below the tree if you need some scale.  The plaque below, which was put up in 1977, says that the tree was then 160 feet tall and 80 feet wide with a trunk that was 15 feet 10 inches in circumference.  At the time, the tree was approximated to be 130 years old.

This tree has to be seen to be believed.  Its branches are so heavy and so horizontal that they’re all attached to each other with supportive wires and support beams that anchor into the ground.  Even though engineering has to help this old girl out, she’s incredibly beautiful.  I think I’ve fallen in love!

The cherry tree’s incredibly charismatic trunk


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