Snowdrop Season

A single cluster of snowdrops tucked in the roots of a tree on the Wilkins burial plot

I’m really not doing very well right now.  I’m existing through a depression spell, and that’s always been exhausting for me.  But I do know I’m depressed, so I am consciously trying to do some activities that brighten my days.

One of those, oddly enough, is taking walks in two nearby cemeteries–the Pioneer Cemetery and the Masonic Cemetery.  As I’ve likely mentioned before, they’re older graveyards and are more like parks than a parking ground for dead bodies.  They’ve got loads of mature trees, flowering shrubs, and lots of wildflowers, and they’re always so serene.

Well, this is my favorite time of year for the Pioneer Cemetery.  At about this time, the Wilkins plot across from the Grand Army of the Republic plot is literally covered in snowdrops.  Truly.  It’s like a blanket of white and green covers their square and spills out a bit over the borders.  I’ve never seen anything like it before; usually snow drops seem to only pop up in isolated clumps.

A better idea of what the total effect of the snowdrop bloom is like.

I’ve been coming up here a lot over the past few days, which is nice as I don’t seem to go to many places at all lately, and the four walls of my room are starting to get a bit oppressive.  I enjoy the quick walk up the block, and I find that when I get to the Wilkins snowdrops, I just want to sit and stare at them for hours.  I’m sure I must look absolutely silly propped next to a wet tree and chilling in a graveyard, but I don’t care.  I feel at peace here and can escape my troubles for a bit.

I guess snowdrops will always mean peace for me now.  I’m sure that’s good; heaven knows my brain could come up with far less pleasant associations.


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