Yule Ornament Idea: Star-shaped Paper Lanterns

I’ve decided that on every Monday between Thanksgiving and Yule (Dec. 22nd this year), I’ll present a post about homemade tree ornaments.  Why?  Because I want to!

It’s no secret that I love the Yuletide.  I love all the traditions that go into the season:  the decorations, the baking, the family, the fun…I love it all.  Now that I’m an adult with a home of my own (so I share it with 17 other people…), I’m really beginning to love collecting tree ornaments.  Every year I try to acquire at least one or two new ones that really speak to me, and I’ve gotten into the habit of giving them as gifts.  This year, I’ve decided to make holiday ornaments for all of my housemates, and while I’ve already decided on what those will be (and started making them), I’ve still kept an eye out on the Internet for other fun ornament craft ideas.

Home Made Simple's Star-Shaped Lanterns

That’s how I stumbled upon these star-shaped paper lanterns at Home Made Simple’s website.  They’re little paper ‘pentagrams’ made to slip over an ordinary Christmas light.  I believe the website originally posted them as a summertime craft, which makes sense given the orange and pink color scheme they used in the picture.  However, they would obviously make great Yule ornaments, too, especially if holiday-themed colors and prints were used with the paper.

Since all this craft really requires is scrapbook paper, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and some craft glue in addition to the holiday lights, it’s a really cost-effective home made ornament and offers a lot of visual impact.  With a little time, a dozen or so of these could really enliven one’s Yule tree!

If you’re interested in this craft, the instructions for making the lanterns can be found at the Home Made Simple website linked above, or at this .pdf file.


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