Day 200: Elementals, King Djin

Well, given my alarming success with Paralda, I have no choice but to see who opens the door when I knock for Djin.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fire incense
  • Fire oil

It is best to try this practice in the location near your home where the salamanders reside. Light the fire incense and allow it to waft over your body. Dab some of the fire oil on all seven body-energy centers: base of the spine, pubic region, solar plexus, heart, throat, center of the brow, and crown of the head.

Find a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and allow your body to become relaxed. With your eyes still closed, begin to intone King Djin’s name, one syllable at a time for each exhaled breath:

Inhale slowly. Exhale, intoning the sound: Djin.

Repeat this intonation twice more and then practice the following guided imagery. You can read it and memorize the energy sequence now, have a friend read it to you with your eyes close, or tape record it for later playback.

Imagine that you stand once again atop the sand dune overlooking the vast white-hot sand desert. This is where you first met the salamanders.

Hold your spirit hands up so that they face outward toward the sands plain, and again draw up the energies of this place and cast them in a circle of brilliant red light that surrounds you.

You are now completely surrounded by this field of energy. Raise your hands to the south and mentally summon forth King Djin. Soon a large bonfire springs up from the sands just outside of your magic circle. Without wasting time, ask Djin what powers he offers to your life and what powers he diminishes in your life.

Reader: pause for a moment.

When you have heard his answer, bid him farewell and watch him vanish back into the white-hot sands. When he has left, it is time to close the circle you created. Hold your hands up again to the south and begin to turn your spirit-body in a clockwise direction. This time as you turn, imagine that you draw the energies of the circle back into your body. Allow the energy to return to the earth below your feet, grounding it completely.

Once you have finished, it is time to open your eyes. Get down on your hands and knees and place your forehead to the floor, grounding and solidifying all of the energy you raised.

Take time to journal about your experiences, to draw a picture of Djin and write down what powers he offers and diminishes in your life.

Jon Hamm has the smolder (pun!) of my Djin here

As it turns out, my Djin is like the anti-Paralda.  He was older and bigger; he was definitely more solid and muscular to Paralda’s willow slenderness.  My Djin had this thick, full head of black hair and the beginnings of a black beard.  But the most striking thing was the intense way he had of looking at me.  It was deep, and it was dominating.  I would have done anything for him instantly, and I wanted to so desperately.  It took me awhile to find an image that captured this gaze, this smolder, and I think I finally got close in this ultra-serious portrait of Jon Hamm.  Oh. Em. Gee.

Mr. Smolder told me that he brings me my éclat, which is fitting since that word means “brilliant display.”  It’s the conspicuous force that defines you and makes others pay attention to you.  It is a way in which I can assert myself and obtain my own desires.  Of course, this can diminish my accessibility.  I can be seen as stand-offish, and domineering.  In particular, I know that many people think I’m aggressive and over-assertive, so I’m not one that many think of when they need support.  It also means I don’t get a lot of support, for it can appear as though I don’t need any.


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