Day 196: Elementals, Sylph Offerings

Today the quest is to go to the place the sylphs revealed in yesterday’s guided meditation and make an offering to them; a libation to assure the sylphs become good magical partners.  Here is Roderick’s suggestion:

What You’ll Need

  • A cup of red wine (or a red fruit juice)
  • A piece of a baked good

When you first arrive at the place of the sylphs, sit on the ground and close your eyes.  Imagine the sylphs gathering behind plants, stones, trees, or buildings.  Open your eyes and pour out a cup of wine.  Grasp the filled cup and baked good in your hands.  Hold your arms out, to shoulder level, offering the food to the spirits.  Cast your gaze to the ground (a respectful gesture), saying:

Sylphs of the air, Lord Paralda,
Accept this offering of food and drink!
May the magic that I do be aided by your powers,
The powers of life that were, that are, and that shall be,
So Mote it Be!

Leave the baked good on the ground and pour the wine over it, saying:

From east to west, from south to north,
Ancient ones, I call thee forth!

Quickly gather your belongings and leave this enchanted spot. Return only when you wish to contemplate the sylphs or if you wish to invoke their magical energies for some purpose.

I am going to modify this.  I think it is a nice thing to offer the elementals a libation, but I think it is a tricky prospect to ask them to aid my powers in a blanket sense.  From what I understand about elementals is that you must be clear and direct in your requests, asking them nicely and then thanking and clearly and thoroughly dismissing them.  None of this “go if you will, stay if you like” sort of thing…after all, a fire elemental that chose to linger around might just cause a bit of havoc.  It bothers me that there is no clear dismissal after Roderick asks us to “call for the ancient ones.”

I think I will go out, take a minute to breath deeply, and whistle a tune to get in touch with the sylph energy, then offer some flower petals in the breeze.  I think my invocation might go something like this:

Sylphs of the air, Lord Paralda, I summon you.
Accept this offering of scent in the wind.
I give this in thanks of your aid in my past magic
and hope you will answer my call in future works.
Enjoy this offering, and depart!
So mote it be.

My sylph offerings

I did, in fact, do much as I suggested when I finally set to the offering. As it happened, a housemate had baked some good, whole grain, whole fruit apple muffins and another housemate had left an unclaimed bottle of white wine in the fridge, so I took a bit of each and added it to my more ‘airy’ offering of incense. I took a moment to deeply breathe and whistle a tune (“Whistle as you Work”…I’m working hard at my exams right now!) before I really felt the sylph presence and proceeded with my invocation and offering (adding a line about cake and wine in addition to ‘scent in the wind’). I then broke the muffin into four pieces and tossed one to each of the four winds, then cast the wine out in front of me.

I wasn’t able to make it to one of the buttes today, but I went as high in my house as I could, opened a window, and felt the (cold!) autumn breeze rush into the house.

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