Day 194: Becoming Earth

What You’ll Need:

  • A 5-6 inch green taper candle
  • Earth Oil
  • Earth Incense
  • Bowl of Earth

To begin, light a green taper candle and sit down facing the north.  Place the bowl of earth in front of you and the candle behind that.  With your middle finger, dab a drop of earth oil at the base of your spine and at the crown of your head, at the levels of the root and crown chakras.  Light the earth incense and gather some of the wafting smoke into your hands and bring your hands towards your face.  Repeat this cleansing with earth energies twice more.

Focus your attention on the soil int he bowl before you.  Allow your breathing to become deep and rhythmic.  Continue to focus intently upon the earth, barring all other thoughts.  Allow your mind to become the earth.  Feel your body become the earth; it feels cold, moist, and heavy.  Imagine that the place where you are sitting also becomes soil.  Focus intently so that nothing exists but earth, clay, mud, stone, or however you experience the energies of earth.  Stay focused, preferably for 20-30 minutes.

When you are done, take time to close your eyes and imagine that your earth-body becomes your usual natural self once again.  Get down on your hands and knees and place your forehead to the floor to ground and center your personal energy.

When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.  Take time to journey about your experience or to discuss it with a friend.

My earth meditation set up

Well that was interesting.  I did change a few of Roderick’s requirements since I had my Samhain pumpkin and Indian corn on my altar, and those were very earthy symbols.  Perhaps a bowl of earth would have been better…but a bit more difficult to explain to any housemates why I was taking a bowl of earth to my room.  I also skipped the incense, since I’ve been burning it all day I’m feeling a bit incensed out at the moment.

But after I anointed the candle and myself with the oil and began to focus my attention, I snapped into a visualization very quickly.  Maybe it was because I was looking at so many seeds and such, but I got struck by how much potential is in the earth.  It was like I could feel potential radiating out of me and from everything that touched me and from everything that touched that and so on.  And then that potential became a deep, black void that ached to be filled.  All of a sudden all the myths of earth goddesses becoming impregnated by the sun gods made sense:  the void would become full.

It’s a little embarrassing, but my libido kicked into full gear at that point…so I took care of it.


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