Day 192: Contemplating Earth

Have I ever mentioned how much I love guided meditations?  They bring me back to when I was a kid and we did them in our gifted/talented classes, only we called them “scampers”.  (As it turns out, I have mentioned this.)  The tingling I get around my scalp as I enter the trance state also sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and playing certain games with my friends where we pretended to kidnap princesses and the like.  At any rate, I feel so nice and safe and happy whenever I do a guided mediation.

The one is, of course, meant to help you experience the spiritual energies of earth…so kick back in that comfortable position where your spine is straight and aligned, and hop to it!

Close your eyes and take three deep, slow breaths.  Now allow your breathing to become rhythmic and natural.  After a few moments, imagine that a twisting white mist begins to form in a ring around your feet.  You notice that with each inhalation, the ring of mist grows, expands, and climbs your legs.  Continue to visualize that with each inhaled breath the mist climbs your body until it covers you completely.

Notice that not only does the mist surround you, it penetrated you.  With each breath, your body becomes one with the mist.  You can feel your body shift from its usual weight and density; it now glows and becomes light and buoyant.  Soon your body lifts and you find that you are suspended above the place where you were sitting.  In an instant, the energy of the mist transports you to a colorless, soundless, imageless void.  In that void, you feel as though you are moving through time and space to a sacred place of magic and power.

Soon the movement stops and you find yourself standing just outside a labyrinth with spiraling passages that are dug out from the earth.  It is midnight and as you look to the stars, you notice that there is no moon in the sky.  Some distance from you, you notice a glow that emanates from the center point of the labyrinth.

Enter the labyrinth, knowing that you will soon arrive at the center point that contains the brilliant, shining light.  As you walk the labyrinth, notice that the trench becomes deeper and deeper with each step.  Along the way you can see old roots, mushrooms, and mossy growth sprouting all along the sides of the labyrinth.  Touch them with your hands.  Soon the walls of the labyrinth are slightly taller than you.  You are no longer able to see the shining light of the central point.  But you can feel its presence and it continues to guide you.

As you continue to walk, feel the cool, heavy energy of the earth surrounding you.  Inhale the rich, earthy scent that fills the pathway.  As you breathe in this scent, allow it to fill you completely.

Reader:  Pause for a few moments.

Once you reach the center of the labyrinth, you find a glowing crystal suspended in midair.  Look directly above the crystal and you will see that its source of power is the north star, which it reflects and magnifies.  As you stand before the crystal, raise your spirit arms and welcome the power of earth.  In an instant, the crystal emanates a beam of light that strikes you at the center of your brow.  Feel the power of earth fill you and energize you.

Reader:  Pause for a few moments.

It is now time to return to the place where you began your journey.  Look down at your spirit feet and you’ll notice the glowing white mist beginning to encircle your body.  Once it covers you completely, it lifts you and swiftly carries you back to the place where you began.  When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.  Take note of how different you may feel now that you’ve taken on the qualities of earth.

How funny.  When I recorded the meditation, I kind of assumed I would have found the labyrinth to be a kind of scary place.  I like labyrinths when you can see the path in front of you, but when its made of tall hedges and you get lost easily, they’re kind of panic-inducing.  I’ve only experienced that once, when I went through the maze at Hampton Court (where you really couldn’t cheat by going through the walls like you can with a corn maze), and it was kind of scary.  But this labyrinth…well, it felt quite womb like.  It was safe and ‘warm’ in its mossy coolness, and it was a joy to wind my way through it.  The crystal itself was awfully interesting.  When the light hit my brow, I actually saw green behind my eyelids and this weird shift in my energy.  It was a bit like all my various stresses leveled out and set me back on a solid, easy plane.  Not a quagmire or an insurmountable cliff face to be seen.


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