Day 191: Earth, the Power to Resonate

As far as the passive, inward elemental expressions have gone, we’ve seen the power to wonder with air, the power to surrender with fire, and the power to accept with fire.  These clearly all have strong connotations of passivity.  But earth with its power to resonate seems again to have fallen off the beaten path.  Resonance is reverberating.  It is movement, and movement is dynamic.  It is as paradoxical as the power of silence being the dynamism of potential, but resonance is the ‘quiet’ force because all beings resonate.  The atoms in all matter quiver with energy, and so it is oddly enough this movement that provides the receptive baseline.  As Roderick says, “resonance represents the interconnectedness of all reality.  It is an energy that widens your perspective to understand that there is no division between you and anything else.”

Roderick notes that in times of silence, we can naturally connect to this resonance and “feel the pulse of life throbbing all around us”, and it is this pulse that “places our concepts, our academic terms of ‘god’ and ‘goddess’ into a palpable experiential form.”  Moreover, when we tap into this resonance and make spontaneous utterances, we can presume that this is the voice of the gods, and the spontaneity of acion makes us passive to the greater forces.

When tapped too much into resonant energy, though, the earth energy in an individual skews and forces one to be “light-headed, detached, disoriented, and out of touch with one’s surroundings or reality.”  If this seems to be your bent, Roderick recommends the following exercise:

Practice:  Rebalancing Resonance

When you notice the signs of resonance imbalances, take time to practice this grounding exercise.  Begin by heating seven small river stones under hot running tap water.  Do not allow the stones to heat so much that you cannot handle them.  Then, take off your clothing and lie flat upon your back.  Use table salt to form a line down the center of your body from the base of your throat to the pubic area.  Place one heated stone each at the center of your brow, at the base of your throat, at the center of your chest, about two inches above the navel, and just above the genitals.  Place one stone in the palm of each hand and lie so that your palms face upward.  As you lie on the ground, imagine that you absorb the earth energies both beneath you and from the stones.


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