Day 189: Holding Earth

I’ve been putting this exercise off for a couple weeks now, primarily because I actually haven’t had a space where I could do it undisturbed.  Natural spaces are pretty much out for something that would be this obvious, since the ones I can use are pretty frequented by the public.  If I ever needed to construct a circle at home, I usually went to our guest bedroom where there’s ample floor space for a circle big enough for my needs.  Our guest room has been in near constant use by guests, studiers, and dissertation writers, though…and when it’s been free, I’ve been pretty out of it.

Since it’s been so long, and I don’t really see an upcoming opportunity to do it…I’m going to file this one and forget it.  It’s not as if I haven’t done similar work in the past, and waiting for an opportunity to do this is just holding me back.

Here’s what I would have done, though:

Go out into a natural setting where you will be able to lie down on the earth undisturbed.  (If this is not possible, find a spot in your home where you will be able to lie down on a solid floor.)  Once you identify the location where you will practice this exercise, form a simple earth-circle by sprinkling sea salt (or kosher salt) approximately nine feet in diameter.  You can also place crystals or stones at each of the circle’s four compass points for added enhancement.  Using the moonwalking technique you learned earlier in the year, start in the east of your circle and walk the perimeter thrice while focusing your attention on maintaining your own silence.

Once you have moonwalked around your circle three times, enter it from the northernmost point.  Lie down in the center of this salt-circle so that the top of your head aligns with the north.  While you are lying down, simple experience the effect of the earth (or the firm floor) as it comes in contact with your back.  How does it feel physically?  What feeling or mood does it bring up in you?  After some time to breath intentionally, establish a rhythm and imagine that with each inhalation, you absorb the energy of the earth that lies beneath you.  Imagine that this energy flows up through the points where your body makes contact with the earth and that it fills you completely.  Hold the energy tightly in your body.  After a minute of this, release the energy with an audible sigh.  Retain whatever energy you feel your body may need.

  • How does the energy of earth feel as it enters your body?
  • What energies do you sense earth imparting to you (silence or resonance)?
  • Where in your body did you seem to hold on to the earth energies after you consciously released them?
  • What does your body feel like as this earth energy leaves you?
  • What is it like to hold the energies of earth in your body?

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