A Personal Assessment Tool

I guess some sort of discussion recently came up on a Gardnerian discussion forum where a querist was having some disappointment or difficulty with his group (or maybe his spouse, I was half paying attention).  It struck a chord with Z. who realized that she had gone through a period where she was unhappy with the actions of her elders and didn’t find some ‘step back and assess’ tools like Isaac Bonewits’s Cult Evaluation Frame to address her particular emotional chaos.  So Z. created her own assessment tool, which she calls her Balance Chart.

Earlier this month, Z. gave copies of this chart to the group and asked us to fill them out and evaluate how Hartwood Grove is meeting our needs and if we’re satisfied.  She reiterated that point yesterday, so here’s my chart:

All in all, I feel very satisfied with my participation in Hartwood Grove and how the group is meeting my needs.  Sure, I have some frustrations. I do find it difficult when our discussions devolve into storytelling, and I would like to do more with the group, but–all in all–I’m okay.

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