Day 188: The Element of Earth

The Alchemical Symbol for Earth

Unlike the rest of the elements, Earth is often personified.  We tend to view it as “Mother Earth” and this theme is one that is not unique to European cultures.  As Roderick notes, “almost every ancient primal culture across the globe has included earth goddess veneration.”  Of course, we can see the feminine association pretty easily:  the earth gives birth to life and nourishes it as women give birth to and nourish their young.  But I think we give so much personification to Earth because it is of the same state of matter that we ourselves are.  Earth is a solid, water a liquid, air a gas, and fire…well, technically it is a rapidly occurring chemical change, but if flames get hot enough, they can ionize and become plasma.  Though our human bodies obviously hold great amounts of water, are sustained by air, and are animated by fire via electricity), the form we see and relate to on a daily basis is earthly and solid.

Earth, then is that “energetic expression of solidity, substance, form, manifestation, embodiment, and grounding.”  It is a substance that resists force.  The earth beneath our feet is the solid network  that links us with other living creatures and that provides the most tangible connection.  Therefore, we consider that tangibility to be “grounding”, our energetic connection where we force our consciousness into the surrounding physicality and comingle with it.

Roderick asks us to take time today to learn this table of correspondences for Earth:

Table of Correspondences:  Earth

  • Earth Governs:  Solidity, substance, form, manifestation, embodiment, pleasure, money, all minerals, practicality, work, reliability, seasons, and grounding
  • Magical Tool:  The Pentacle
  • Color:  Green
  • Alternate Colors:  Black, Brown
  • Fragrances:  Patchouli, oak moss, lilac
  • Elemental Beings:  Gnomes
  • Elemental King:  Ghob
  • Tarot Card Suit:  Pentacles (‘coins’ in some decks)
  • Magical Stone:  Salt, fluorite, obsidian, jade, slate, lead
  • Outward Expression:  The Power to Be Silent, the ability to keep one’s counsel; silence as a manifestation of who we are in our essence; darkness, the void, and the unnamed, unspoken, not-yet-formed potential
  • Inward Expression:  The Power to Resonate, the ability to speak with the voice of the Gods and of nature, the ability to become “one” with the world; potential that has taken form.

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