Day 179: Absorbing Water

Today, Roderick basically asks us to take a cool shower or a bath, placing some jasmine oil in the bathwater or anointing yourself with it after a shower.  The coolness of the water is supposed to help with the exercise, since the coolness of water is one of it’s symbolic characteristics.

Since I only have a shower, what I’d basically do is stand in the cool shower, feel it cascade down my body, and focus on the sensations of the water.  Roderick asks us to

Fully focus on the experience of the water as it wets your skin.  How does water cause you to physically and emotionally feel?  After some time in the water, begin to breathe and to imagine that, with each inhalation, you absorb the energy of the water that surrounds you.  Imagine that this energy flows down to your feet and builds up, layer by layer, until it fills you completely.  Hold the energy in tightly, compacting it in your body.  After a minute of this, release the energy with an audible sigh.  Retain some of this energy that you intuit your body may need.

  • How does the energy of water feel as it enters your body?
  • What energies do you sense water imparting to you (daring or accepting)?
  • Where in your body did you seem to hold on to the water energies after you consciously released them?
  • What is it like to absorb the energies of water into your body?

“Absorbing” water energy might be a bit much for the experience I had.  It took me awhile to separate from the routine of taking a shower to the experience of  getting in touch with the water itself.  As it cascaded down upon me, it felt forceful yet relaxing.  I was reminded powerfully that this is the force that patiently carves the deepest canyons from miles of rock.  The energies I eventually felt within myself was a profound calm…I suppose I could describe it as a sense that the external pressures I face don’t really matter or aren’t as bleak as I make them.  Rivulets will always find a way around a block, even if they have to collect and cascade over it.  The barriers aren’t much more than a whisper of inconvenience.  Calm.  Not daring, not accepting…but calm.

I think the energies were most profound in my head and in my heart.  I kept lolling my head around, reveling in the relaxation, and I kept caressing my breasts…like I was physically drawing out the walls and calcification I put up around my heart and emotions.

What is it like to feel the energy of water?  Powerfully peaceful, I suppose.


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