Day 178: The Element of Water

The Alchemical Symbol of Water

When I was describing the element of air, I noted that it could be thought of as a sort of life force–the material that makes up the chain of life from first to last breath.  Water’s got some of that life energy, too…but if air is the life of an individual, mater is the life force that binds all individuals together.

As Roderick notes, creation stories around the globe often include a watery theme in some capacity, and–scientifically–we know that the first life arose in watery environs.  We ourselves begin in the waters of the womb, and we carry our own creative oceans inside of each of us.  After all, remember how the human body is what, 80 percent water?

In symbols, water is connected with deep intuition, dreams, and visions, so it is sort of the unconscious aspects of humanity; the stuff that happens behind the scenes.  Roderick says that for witches it “represents the flow of energy, the movement of the seasons and of life.  Water represents the limitlessness of all things.  Water teaches us that existences is cyclical, tidal.”  That cycle places it in the west with the setting sun and the darkness of death, so water also gains some associations with endings, transitions, and death.

So, with that in mind, here’s a watery table of correspondences to memorize:

Table of Correspondences:  Water

  • Water Governs:  Intuition, dreams, visions, peace, compassion, understanding, women’s mysteries, cycles, spirituality, psychic ability, love, music, illusion, fantasy, and flow
  • Magical Tool:  The chalice
  • Color:  Blue
  • Alternate Colors:  Various shades of blue like navy, blue-green, turquoise, etc.  In some Wiccan traditions, the color is green (such as many seas have a green tint to them).
  • Fragrances:  Mugwort, chamomile, geranium, gardenia, sandalwood, rose, jasmine
  • Elemental Beings:  Undines, Mer-people
  • Elemental King:  Necksa
  • Tarot Card Suit:  Cups
  • Magical Stone:  Moonstone, lapis lazuli
  • Outward Expression:  The Power to Dare, the ability to go beyond the known boundaries
  • Inward Expression:  The Power to Accept, to recognize the boundaries.




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