Day 175: Fire, Contemplation

Today Roderick asks us to get in touch with fire energies through guided imagery, and asks us to journal about the experience afterwards.

As with most guided meditations, begin by sitting or laying in a comfortable position.  Commit the words to memory before you begin, or record the meditation or have it read to you.  I am clearly having far too much fun with the Sound Cloud service.

Close your eyes and take three deep, slow breaths.  Now, allow your breathing to become rhythmic and natural.  After a few moments, imagine that a twisting white mist begins to form in a ring around your feet.  You notice that with each inhalation, the ring of mist grows, expands, and climbs your legs.  Continue to visualize that with each inhaled breath the mist climbs your body until it covers you completely.

Suddenly you feel the sensation of lifting.  Your body feels as light as the mist that surrounds you.  Soon you discover that you are hovering over the place where you were once sitting.  Imagine that the mist now begins to move you across a colorless, imageless void.  It is moving you through time and space.  It is taking you to a sacred place of magic and power.

Soon the mist dissipates and the movement stops.  You find yourself at the base of a sand dune in the center of a vast, blazing desert.  It is high noon and the sun shines above you with a bright gold luminescence.  As you peer around, you notice the flicker of fire at the top of the sand dune.  Moved by curiosity, you begin to climb the immense mountain of sand.

Once you reach the top, you find a bonfire surrounded by a ring of flat, smooth desert stones.  The fire glows with a red aura and as you approach it, and the closer you come to the fire, the more you notice that the red aura begins to surround and warm your body.  Begin breathing deeply.  With each inhalation, imagine that you absorb this red aura.  Feel this power of fire fill your spirit.  Feel it energize you and allow it to awaken your passions and drives.

As you continue to inhale and connect to this element, you notice that the aura and the fire within the ring of stones eventually dissipates and vanishes before you.  You are filled with the element and powers of fire, aglow with this fiery red aura.

Reader:  pause for a moment.

It is now time to return to the place where you began your journey.  Look down at your spirit feet and you’ll notice the glowing white mist beginning to encircle your body.  Once it covers you completely, it lifts you and swiftly carries you back to the place where you began.  When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.  Take note of how different you may feel now that you’ve taken on the qualities of fire.

Huh.  That was unexpected.  As I visualized filling myself with the red aura, I felt this trickle of energy concentrate around my heart and drop down in a line straight to ladyland.  And it was pretty intense.  When I snapped back to myself, I immediately had to set things to right, and in very straight order.  Thoroughly unanticipated.  I’m glad I was able to do this before I had my morning shower!


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