Day 172: Gathering Fire

What You’ll Need

  • A 5-6 inch red taper candle

Find a quiet, dark environment and then take a comfortable sitting position.  Light a red candle and set it on a table in front of you.  Block out as many other light sources as possible so that you can focus solely on the candle flame.  As you sit, breathe normally and gaze into the flickering candle light.  Imagine that, with each inhalation, you absorb the energy of the flame.  Imagine that this energy flows down to your feet and builds up, layer by layer until it fills you completely.  Hold the energy in tightly, and feel as though you are compressing it in your body.  After a minute of this, release the energy.  With an audible sigh, imagine that you release all of the energy into the atmosphere around you.  Keep only that amount of energy that your body needs.

  • How does the energy of fire feel as it enters your body?
  • Where in your body did you seem to hold on to the fire energies after you consciously released them?
  • What does your body feel like as this fire energy leaves you?
  • What is it like to gather the energies of fire into your body?

When you are finished with your contemplation, jot down your insights.  Review your initial insights prior to going to bed.  How would you revise your initial answers at this point?  Save your answers to review later in the week.

My meditation fire candle

This was a really difficult meditation for me.  I sort of kept resisting the fire energy.  Fire without control inflames immediately and thoroughly.  Within minutes, my entire house could be engulfed in flames if my candle caught my curtains, for example.  Yet, this taper can continue on for hours with just this tiny little flame.

Fire is dependent upon fuel, and I think that level of dependency scares me a little.  Fire energy can be wildly destructive, but it’s got to rely upon something to destroy.  I do not like to depend upon other things.  I enjoy my autonomy, and I enjoy its freedoms.  I do not like thinking that my passions have dependencies.

So maybe that’s why I was resisting drawing that fire energy into myself.  For a brief few moments, though, I breathed in enough flame that I felt the skin of my arms and upper body dissolve into shapeless flame themselves, and I felt the residual fire energy at the very surface of my body…which I guess makes sense.  Fire is not a solid column–it’s like a little bubble of combustion with a hollow core.  The fire itself occurs at the edges of this bubble.  I don’t know if my feeling was a reflection of the flame’s shape, a byproduct of my resistance, or a reflection on the dependency of fuel to flame.


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