Day 171: The Element of Fire

The Alchemical Symbol of Fire

For some reason I can’t get Prodigy’s “Firestarter” out of my head today.  There’s something about the frenetic energy and the sexuality about the song that seems appropriate for today.

Maybe that’s because broad energy in addition to warmth, passion, strength, and action are all part of Fire energy.  As Roderick says, “Fire is the energy of our bodies” and because it is so dynamic, Witches consider it to be a masculine, active energy form.

Fire’s also a little bit unique in an elemental role.  Roderick notes that in “Hermetic philosophy, Fire is the first element that emerges from pure spirit” which makes it “the purest elemental form, following spirit.”  This is rather understandable.  Earth, air, and water are always present in front of us in very concrete forms, but fire…well, it’s much more ethereal.  It’s chemical combustion, not really a physical substance.  It’s energetic transmutation, not solid form.  So we can use the symbolic energy of Fire to access transformative forces, even if it’s difficult to pin fire down to something concrete.

Even if we’ve got that difficulty, and even if fire is so much different than the other elements, we can still consider fire an elemental force.  As Roderick points out, we could not exist without warmth and light, just as we could not exist without the earth to give us food, water to drink, and air to breath.

With all this in mind, we’re asked to commit this correspondence table to memory.

Table of Correspondences:  Fire

  • Fire governs:  Action, movement, passion, anger, strength, sexuality, achievement, mastery, power, transformation
  • Magical Tool:  The athame (or the wand, depending on tradition history)
  • Color:  Red
  • Alternate Colors:  Orange, gold, and vibrant colors
  • Fragrances:  Basil, clove, cinnamon, hyssop, rosemary
  • Elemental Beings:  Salamanders
  • Elemental King:  Djin
  • Tarot Card Suite:  Swords in some decks, Wands in others
  • Magical Stone:  Fire opal, iron
  • Outward Expression:  The power to Will; mastery, exercising the individual will, movement
  • Inward Expression: The power to Surrender; opening to the universal will, group achievement, nonstriving.

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