Day 165: The Breath of Life

Find a quiet place and a comfortable sitting position.  Close your eyes and breath naturally.  Focus on your breath.  Use a timer and allow yourself five minutes of contemplation time with each of the questions below as you follow your breath.

  • How does your breath feel as it enters your body?
  • Where do you feel air enter?
  • What energies to you sense the air imparting to you (knowing or wondering)?
  • Where do you feel those energies entering your body?
  • Where does your body store those energies–or are they not stored?
  • What does your breath feel like as it leaves you?
  • What is it like to focus on your breathing?

When you are finished with your contemplations, jot down your insights.  For periods throughout the rest of the day, continue to come back to a focused attention on your breath.  Review your initial insights prior to going to bed.  How would you revise your initial answers at this point?

As breath enters me, it feels a little cool and thick–a little like sucking up a thinner milkshake through a larger straw.  I feel it in my nasal passages and my throat, but physical sensation sort of stops there.  The physical energies I’m picking up are more like possibility than of wonder or knowledge, though I suppose possibility is part of wonder.  It’s just more of an initial experience than being held in a wondrous thrall.  I sort of feel that energy most in a spot just behind my eyes–maybe my ‘third eye’ chakra, and it seems like it circulates to the back of my head, though it dissipates instead of being stored up.  As my breath leaves me, it feels warmer and looser–more purposed than initial.

Focusing on my breathing was very calming and almost seductive.  I can start to see why it can be such a part of tantric practice.


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