Day 164: The Element of Air

Alchemical Symbol for Air

As we know, air largely represents the category of communication.  After all, we could not hear sound if the physical substance of air did not provide a medium for sound waves to pass through, and we could not produce sound from our throats without air.  But air is also strongly aligned with life; after all, many people hold that human life begins with your first breath and ends with your last.  As such, it’s been treated as this invisible medium through which that type of life force–spiritual force–can pass through.  Many people, for example, write down their prayers and burn them so that the prayer can enter that spiritual space.  Breath control has also been an important spiritual practice for many shamans and yogis.

As Roderick notes, air is what “connects your past with your present; the same air that gave life to your ancestors gives life to us right now.”  There’s some truth to that.  I once read that with every breath you take, at least one molecule or atom in that inhalation was once exhaled by Albert Einstein.  Air gives us that constant connection to all life that earth, water, and fire cannot possibly give.  Therefore, it represents “a force that binds us to a human community.”

Roderick asks us to familiarize ourselves with this table of correspondences:

Table of Correspondences:  Air

  • Air governs:  Thought, mental acuity, the arts, communication, verbal expression, knowledge, television, film, radio, writing, speaking, performing, analysis, and learning.
  • Magical Tool:  The wand (or the athame, depending on your magical system)
  • Color:  Yellow
  • Alternate Colors:  Clear, white, pastels
  • Fragrances:  Bergamot, lavender, marjoram, sage, peppermint
  • Elemental Beings:  Fairies, sylphs
  • Elemental King:  Paralda
  • Tarot Card Suit:  Wands or Swords, depending on the deck and its history
  • Magical stone:  Quarts crystal
  • Outward Expression:  The power to Know; knowledge, linear-cognitive information, judgment, practical sense.
  • Inward Expression:  The power to Wonder; not-knowing, mental openness, non-judging, nonsense, nonlinear thought

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