Day 163: The Elements of Your Life

Review the elemental chart from yesterday’s exercise.  As you do, think about which of the elements seems most to represent you.  For example, if you are someone who spends a great deal of time communicating, then the element of air might best represent you.  If you are an energetic, active person, then fire might best represent your essence.  If you are emotional and sensitive, perhaps you more naturally align with water.  If you are silent, stoic, and practical, you most likely align naturally with earth.

Once you have determined the element to which you closely align, see which of the elements represents the people who are closest to you.  Take time to explore these questions:

  • Which elements represent the sort of people who interest you?
  • Which represent the kinds of people who turn you off?
  • Which element best represents your job?
  • Which element represents your style of relating to people?
  • What elemental colors are you wearing today?
  • How do those elemental colors affect you?
  • What element symbolizes your relationship with a partner, friend, or loved one?
  • Which of the elemental colors do you have painted on your house (inside and out)?  How do these colors affect you in your home?

Contemplate which of the elements seem to be the most prevalent and which seem to be lacking in your life.

Oh my.  I think I might be a toss-up between air and earth.  I put a lot of stock into developing thought and communication, and I probably put too much stock into accumulating and deepening knowledge.  I’m also a person who really admires practicality, and I actively try to cultivate that in my own life.  I’m also very fond of taking periods of stillness to contemplate things that are happening in my life.  I’m also really drawn to color combinations that use yellows, greens, and browns.

The people who most interest me?  Well…that’s a good question.  I admire strongly practical people who can communicate well and are curious, but I adore people who bring that little “spark” to their relationships.  There’s something about people who can express passion in their quirks that is just irresistible.  I’m also fond of people who can be physically expressive and take initiative to even do something like hug, since that completely bypasses my radar.

The element that best represents my job is air, hands down.  I’m a scholar and a teacher.  Moreover, I’m a scholar who actively studies art through the medium of linguistic communication.  ‘Nuff said on that, I guess.

Relating to people…ooh.  I usually want a practical, actionable outcome of my communications, but I often pull on emotions to get that effect.  Maybe toss ups between earth and water?

I’m wearing blues today…blue jeans, blue underwear, blue-green paisley top.  I guess I’m pulling mostly on water there.  I don’t really think they’re affecting me all that much, though I will allow that I usually wear oranges when I want to bring some stronger, passionate energy to the day.

If I had to choose an element that would symbolize my relationship with my mother, it would probably be water since we’re mostly mucking through emotional stuff these days.  Maybe that’s why I find that relationship so difficult right now.

My house is a Crayola crayon box.  We’re repainting one room purple this weekend and we’ll soon be painting our kitchen orange, which doesn’t really help matters much.  My personal space, though, is a room of beige and cream, and I incorporate a lot of sage green in with my bedding and some accessories.  The beige has a bit of a peach tone to it.  This space makes me feel calm and safe.  It’s like my miniature spa, especially when I get everything ‘neated up.’

Overall, I think that air and earth are very dominant in my life, fire creeps in around the edges, and water is practically non-existent.


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